There are just so many games to choose from, and each category offers thousands of high rated games… But with some digging, you may just be able to find the best android game To save you a few precious minutes,  we have compiled a list of 5 best android games.

Note: Although these games are free to play without any limitations, they also offer “optional” in-app purchases. These purchases are not necessary, and will only help in making things a bit easier.

1. Dungeon Hunter 5

best-android-games (2)Dungeon Hunter 5 is a RPG (Role Play Game) that offers both online and offline play. Dungeon Hunter 5 offers amazing graphics with tons of sword slashing and astounding spells to destroy the approaching monsters. You can create guilds and go on a journey in solo play to pierce through 5 different realms with different monsters to slice and dice.

You can also hire friends or other players and go on a journey together to kill all the monsters in your path. You can craft new items like swords, axes, armors, etc. to become strong and kill mighty dragons to become the best!

Offers in-app purchases

2. Cut the Rope 2

best-android-games (1)

Cut the Rope 2 is a sequel to the most addictive Cut the Rope. This time it is harder, faster, and hungrier with tons of new traps and ways to feed the hungry cute om-nom. You need to cut ropes to drop sweet candy in om-nom’s mouth to feed his never ending hunger.

There are loads of new levels with more puzzling experience and new traps. There are also 7 new side-characters that will help you along your way to feed om-nom. The graphics have been upgraded and many new gameplay are added, like the ability to move om-nom.

Offers in-app purchases

3. Monster Legends

best-android-games (3)

From the developers of the renowned Dragon City, comes Monster Legends. It is quite similar to Dragon City: you will have to feed your monsters to grow them and make them powerful to fight in the arena. Each monster has its own set of skills with different effects and each belongs to two elements out of many, like fire, water, electric, magic and nature, etc (Pokemon anyone?).

There are 3 vs. 3 battles in which you can use 3 of your monsters in any combinations to fight other people and win rewards and trophies. The more trophies you have, the stronger you are considered…

Offers in-app purchases

4. Wire Defuser

best-android-games (5)Wire Defuser is a puzzle game where you have to defuse bombs in time to save the world or there will be a big blast. Each level is based on time and you will have to react quickly and defuse the bomb as fast as possible for higher score. There will be many buttons and switches that you will have to execute to defuse the bomb.

The game requires quick reflex and some brain-hurting decisions to defuse the bomb, a single error can lead to an explosion. The visuals are quite fun as well with two funny characters that defuse the bombs.

Offers in-app purchases

5. SHADOWGUN: DeadZone

best-android-games (4)

If you are looking for some amazing shooter game, then SHADOWGUN: DeadZone will fulfill your appetite. It has one of the best graphics that even the high-end phones may not be able to handle smoothly. It is a Sci-fi online shooting game, that offers some amazing set of weapons and locations.

There can be total 12 players in a match, 6 on each team that are enough to keep the action going. There are two traditional modes, deathmatch and zone control. Furthermore, you can use different items that will help you take down the other team, like grenades, medi kits and mines, etc.

Offers in-app purchases

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