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How To Check FPS In A Game On Windows 10?
No matter what hardware you have onboard – it is always essential to check the FPS (Frames Per Second) in-game. With the help of the FPS counter, you can monitor the performance of the game to some extent.

The Internet Archive Adds 2,500 MS-DOS Games
The Internet Archive is the biggest digital library that contains web pages, books, games, audio recordings, videos, and software tools.Even though it is a non-profit entity, it keeps on adding and archiving a lot of things on the Internet.Now, in an announcement on Sunday, Internet Archive revealed that it has updated its database of MS-DOS games by adding 2,500 more to the list. Of course, this is a big update.It’s […]

Best Free Android Games
There are just so many games to choose from, and each category offers thousands of high rated games… But with some digging, you may just be able to find the best android game To save you a few precious minutes,  we have compiled a list of 5 best android games.

5 Best Free iPhone Games
Apple’s App Store has the second largest collection of mobile games and apps, ready to entertain you. With such numbers, there is a good chance there will be games that you love. However, finding the best iPhone game can be a little time-consuming when you have to choose from over 300,000 games.We are here to save you some time. We have created this list of 5 best free iPhone games […]


A Dedicated Social Network For Casual Gamers With Free Games
Are you a casual gamer with undefined love for social media? Then this news is of your interest. A software developer firm, Czechs has come with a social networking platform dedicated specifically to the casual gamers, especially those who don’t want to pay overtime they play games on their system. As we know many developers ask users to pay in order to play.

World Of Warships Open Beta Arrives
Wargaming announced World of Warships last year and as the name suggests in this game players take control of full-sized naval warships against foes in a multiplayer setting. The concept itself is appealing if you’re into such games and this one has been developed with extreme precision, with warships being made up of 500 individual elements. With the closed beta for this title reaching its end, Wargaming has now launched the […]

Computer And Video Games Magazine Might Fold
Computer and Video Games (CVG) that was launched all the way back in 1981, where it was touted to be the world’s first magazine which was dedicated to gaming, is currently staring down at the risk of folding. In fact, a major overhaul of CVG had already happened during its lifetime, where it became an online-only magazine since 2004. Sources in the industry have mentioned that CVG could cease publication […]

Boy Scouts Introducing Merit Badge For Game Design
The Boy Scouts of America is acknowledging games “as an important element in every culture around the globe” as they’re announcing today plans to offer a merit badge in game design.For the past two years, the organization has been working with volunteers in the game industry to help build the program as scouts will be able to choose a number of types of games they’d like to create including card, […]

The New York Times lets you vent frustration on ads
Ads are just about everywhere you look, and there does not seem to be any escaping from it. Well, here is one way to “strike back”, so to speak, thanks to the efforts of the good people over at The New York Times. Basically, the online version of the publication has embedded a game which allows readers to shoot at ads and blow them up, in addition to the ability […]

Qualcomm Snapdragon GameCommand to launch next week
Remember the Tegra Zone competitor that Qualcomm announced in November last year? It’s been awhile since we’ve heard about it, but it looks like Snapdragon GameCommand is about to go live. According to a press release issued today, the Qualcomm Snapdragon processor-optimized Android game store will be opening its doors on January 10th – the opening day of CES 2012.

Netherrealm Studios still working on Mortal Kombat after all
Earlier we had reported that head of Netherrealm Studios, Ed Boon, announced that the company was putting the Mortal Kombat franchise on hold while it worked on other projects. Here we are several days later with some good news for fans of the fighting game. It seems that Ed Boon has tweeted in response to a fan that Mortal Kombat is not on hiatus. A bit odd given the previous […]

Game Strap concept keeps commuters entertained on the way home
Taking the train home from work is usually a rather boring affair, but designer Jiang Qian has come up with an idea that could make the commute a bit more entertaining while maintaining safety. Dubbed the Game Strap, it essentially transforms the handles that people hold on to while riding the train into a gaming platform.

Guild Wars 2: Mesmer profession confirmed by ArenaNet
A while back, a gaming website in Europe leaked a video of the new Mesmer profession in Guild Wars 2. The video has since been removed but thanks to a tweet by none other than ArenaNet themselves, the good news for Guild War 2 fans is that yes – the Mesmer profession is official.

Half-Life 3 announcement imminent?
Ever since the Half-Life 3 logo was spotted on a t-shirt worn by a Valve employee, the rumors have gone crazy trying to guess if and when the game would be released. It seems that the rumors have been fueled further by a recent video featuring Portal 2’s Wheatley have revealed an obscure set of text that reads ‘OBSERVATION SATELLITE “LANTHANUM”’.

Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD announced for summer 2012
Good news for fans of skateboarding game as the Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD game has officially been announced! The game that has allowed thousands to simulate what it’s like to ride a skateboard and perform tricks and stunts minus the broken bones and bruises has been announced for a HD makeover.

Command & Conquer: Generals 2 announced for 2013
As it turns out it looks like there is a new Command & Conquer game in the works after all. We had initially reported that EA had been going about registering Command & Conquer domain names that seemed to suggest a new game was about to be announced, and it turned out to be true. EA announced that a new Command & Conquer game was in the works under the […]

Ninja Gaiden 3 confirmed for March 2012
Looking forward to getting your ninja action on? If you are, you might be pleased to hear that Tecmo Koei’s Ninja Gaiden 3 has gotten its release date. Fans of the Ninja Gaiden franchise will now have a game to look forward to come March 2012, a date that was revealed by Team Ninja’s lead Yosuke Hayashi at an event held yesterday.

EA registers domain names that points to new Command and Conquer game
When it comes to real time strategy (RTS) games, some popular titles come to mind, such as Starcraft I and II, and Westwood Studios’ Red Alert and Command and Conquer franchise, which has since been taken over by Electronic Arts (EA). Now the good news for those who are fans of the Command and Conquer franchise is that it appears a new sequel could be in the works thanks to […]

Microsoft Flight beta now starting to accept applicants
If you’re a fan of flight simulator games, or Microsoft’s Flight series to be more specific, the good news is that you can sign yourself up to be a beta tester for the upcoming game. The beta is expected to begin in January so if you’re interested in participating, head on down here for the signup page.

FIFA 12 is exclusive for the Xperia Play until February 2012
If you happen to own a Sony Ericsson Xperia Play handset and if you enjoy soccer games, both EA and Sony Ericsson have announced today that FIFA 12 will be available as an exclusive game title for the Xperia Play handset. The game is expected to roll out to other Sony Ericsson Xperia phones at a later date, but Xperia Play owners will get to enjoy the game first and […]