When you have a system running on Windows 10 – it is quite easy to record or capture video clips of the apps/games or simply the desktop for demo, tutorial or tech support purposes.

However, not everyone knows how it is done. So, in this article, we focus on the best and easiest way to help you capture video clips in Windows 10.

Capture Video Clips Using The Windows Game Bar Built-in Tool

The Xbox game bar has been tailored to help you record or capture gaming videos/pictures. However, you can easily use it to record apps or your desktop as well.

You may not have the ability to record the desktop yet but you can start capturing an app and simply minimize it to record the desktop (a simple workaround).

To utilize the game bar, here’s what you have to do:

1. Press Windows key + G to bring the game bar overlay.

2. You might want to go to the settings and activate the option under “Capturing” to record in the background while you play a game – if required.

You can also opt to record the audio if you want from the settings itself (as shown above).

3. If you’re on the desktop screen, you may not be able to record a video. So, launch any app and then press Windows key + Alt + R to start recording. You can also click on the capture icon as shown in the image below to start recording.

4. To end the recording you can click on the stop button or simply press Windows key + Alt + R again to halt the recording the save the clip. The video will be stored in the “Videos” folder of your Windows system under the “Captures” folder.

Capture Video Clips Using GeForce Experience

If you want to record anything on Windows 10 while you have an NVIDIA graphics card onboard, you can simply use the GeForce experience to record your entire screen.

To do, here’s what you have to do:

1. Press Alt + Z to bring the overlay of GeForce Experience.

2. Now, as you can see in the image above, it is pretty self-explanatory that you have to click on the record button to start recording your desktop/app/game. You can tweak the settings for the quality of the video when you go to the Settings.

You can find these videos inside the “Videos” folder stored under a specific folder name. For instance, if you record your desktop, you will find a “Desktop” folder inside “Videos” and if you record a game, you should find the name of the game appear in a folder.

Capture Video Clip Using ShareX

If the built-in tool does not work well enough for screen recording, you can try using the ShareX software tool.

It may not be just another simple screen recorder but you get a lot of options to tweak when you choose to record your screen. You can even select a region to record – so that’s another useful feature.

You can directly download the setup file from its official website and get it installed. In either case, if you have Steam, you can install it through it as well.

Wrapping Up

For starters, you should be good with the default tools available on Windows 10. If it does not work for you – feel free to explore third-party tools like ShareX or similar to get the job done.

What do you utilize to record video clips on Windows 10? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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