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How To Capture Video Clips In Windows 10
So, in this article, we focus on the best and easiest way to help you capture video clips in Windows 10 with a couple of easy options.

Lifesize Cloud Amplify: Video Calls Recording + Sharing
Lifesize, a high-flying video-conferencing company, is launching Amplify, a cloud feature that easily lets users record and share video calls.Many people can imagine instances where you wish that there was a recording of a team meeting, a call with some detailed explanations or a good brainstorming session where ideas were flying too fast to write down.

Phantom Miro M-Series Cameras Reach 400,000FPS Recording
If you have been watching scientific documentaries, you have probably noticed the sharp increase in high speed cameras usage. Any impact, shock or motion is now shown in details that our eyes could never perceive. Vision Research is one of the companies providing this type of cameras, and they just announced the 3rd generation of PhantomMiro M-Series.The Miro M120 can capture at 1920×1200 at a framerate of 730 frames per […]

The Avengers movie features shots from the iPhone 4S (Updated)
Apart from Siri and the dual-core A5 processor, one of the new features boasted by Apple about its iPhone 4S would be its 8MP camera. Not just any 8MP camera, but one with a backlit CMOS sensor for help in shooting under low light conditions as well as the ability to record movies in 1080p HD video quality. We’re sure that some of you may have come across various samples […]


Tivo Premiere Elite, Coming "This Fall"
It looks like Tivo is set to introduce Tivo Premiere Elite, its latest (and greatest) Tivo set top box. It would be an all digital device, which means that analog cable channels won’t be supported. Actually, it’s faster to enumerate what would work with it: Digital Cable (via CableCards + decoder), or Verizon’s FiOS.  As I said, analog cable, ATSC, satellite and AT&T U-Verse won’t be supported.The specifications are interesting: […]

Stabilize your videos with vReveal
Unless you use a tripod or have super steady hands or are fortunate enough to have access to professional filming equipment, chances are your home made movies tend to be a bit on the shaky side, and we can’t blame you. After all you were probably thinking of capturing the moment, rather than worrying about image stability, right?

Sony CLM-V55 is a portable HDMI screen for your DSLR
If you like to record videos using your DSLR, you might find that the screens on your DSLR (if they can even display the video you are shooting) aren’t big or clear enough for proper usage. Sony has come up with a solution to the problem – the CLM-V55 is a large portable HDMI screen that you can easily attach to your camera (it takes the place of your flash […]

Dropcam Echo Review
With the explosion of storage and bandwidth, web surveillance camera usage has grown at a fast pace. For years, webcams have been able to send snapshots of a subject that entered into a protected zone, and more recently, some could also capture video stored either locally or on a remote server. Often, sending photos and storing videos over FTP was inconvenient to setup and to manage. Dropcam has been built […]

Sony A55/A33 DSLR Video Recording Limited By Overheating Sensor?
DSLR cameras are increasingly used to double up as video cameras, and the results aren’t too bad either. That being said, these cameras often aren’t able to continuously record a scene for too long, and Sony’s A55 and A33 DSLR cameras are only able to record for 9- and 11-minutes straight at 20 degrees Celsius with Image Stabilization (IS) turned on, due to heat issues. The good news is that […]

Canon Vixia HF S21 camcorder features dual SD slot, AVCHD to mpeg4 conversion
[CES 2010] Canon has upgraded its line of HD camcorders and the one that has caught our attention is the Vixia HF S21. It’s a 1080p camcorder that has a 10X optical zoom. It packs 64GB of internal flash storage, but also has two SD (SDXC) slots. SDXC cards aren’t on the market yet, but they are built to support a maximum size of 2TB. When the storage runs out […]

JVC GZ-HM1 HD Everio camcorder
[CES 2010] JVC’s GZ-HM1 HD Everio camcorder might debut at CES 2010, but it won’t be out until March later this year for $1,199.95. At that price point, what can you expect from it? For starters, it packs in 64GB of internal flash memory which can further be augmented by slotting in an SD/SDHC memory card of your choice. Shooting stills and videos should be a joy with its seesaw-style […]