DLL errors are annoying and it isn’t something that has a “single” solution. Even though it is easy to troubleshoot, you might have to try a few methods before you finally fix it.

Here, we are going to address the SteamUI.dll not found (or missing error) which is pretty common and can be easily solved with the potential solutions mentioned below.


Methods to Fix Steamui.dll Not Found or Missing Errors

There are several troubleshooting steps that you can perform but most of them are often unnecessary. So, in this article, we will focus on the potential solutions that have always proven to work.

1. Restart Your System

This might sound stupid – but in reality, for a lot of users the Steamui.dll error is temporary and a conflicting program is the root cause for it. You just have to reboot your system and launch Steam to see if it gets resolved.

Personally, it did work for me when I encountered the issue. And, if it does the trick, it should be the easiest and quickest solution to fix Steamui.dll not found error.

2. Attempt to Restore Steamui.dll file

In case you had unauthorized access to your computer or maybe accidentally deleted several files, make sure to check the Recycle Bin if the file still exists. If it’s there, simply restore the file and launch Steam, it should be resolved.

If you are absolutely sure you did not delete anything, this could be a sign of a malicious program in your computer. You can run a virus/malware scan and then try using a free recovery program like TestDisk to get your file back.

3. Delete Steamui.dll file & Restart Steam

Sometimes you will find the Steamui.dll file inside the Steam directory but you will still get the error. This hints at a corrupted file or installation. Fortunately, there is a quick workaround to it as well.

Simply delete the existing Steamui.dll file (move it to another folder as a backup for safety), and then re-launch Steam. This should re-generate the Steamui.dll file and Steam should work as expected.

4. Re-install Steam

Before you proceed further, you need to ensure that you have safely backed up the “Steamapps” folder inside the Steam directory where all your games and software reside. Once done, simply uninstall Steam and re-install it.

Put the “Steamapps” folder inside the Steam directory the way it was originally and then launch the program. Now, Steam should work normally without any issues.

5. Rollback Windows Update

If you’ve recently updated Windows 10, you can try rolling back to a previous update to see if that resolves the issue. If it does, you might want to hold on to it before updating it again.

6. Update Windows

In case you do not have the latest Windows version installed, you should try getting the latest update available and re-launch Steam to see if that did the trick.

Wrapping Up

If you still encounter the issue on your system after following all the methods mentioned above, which is highly unlikely, you can try changing the installation directory of Steam to another storage drive or try updating the graphics driver on your computer to fix it.

Hope you find this quick guide useful enough to fix SteamUI.dll not found error. What worked for you? Let us know in the comments below.

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