When Apple launched the Studio Display, it was clear that the company was targeting Mac users. However, the Studio Display is still a display at the end of the day, and Apple later confirmed that the display would work with Windows, but there are several caveats involved where Windows users might not be able to take full advantage of all its features.

However, it seems that upon further testing by Justin Searls, it appears that Windows users who might be thinking of getting the Studio Display should probably look elsewhere. This is because it looks like the process to connect the display to a Windows PC is more troublesome and complicated than it might be worth.

Searls tested out several methods to try and connect the display to a Windows PC, and found that within each method were further complications. For example, the most basic and seemingly obvious method would be to get a DisplayPort to USB-C cable, but apparently that did not work at all.

He had better luck buying an 8K DisplayPort 1.4 cable with a USB-C on one end or buying an adapter, but the downside to this method is that it renders the built-in speakers and microphone useless. Searls does list down a couple of other methods that have worked for him, but like we said, it seems to be more complicated than necessary.

That being said, if a high-resolution display is something you’re after, there are plenty of other cheaper alternatives, but Searls’ report might be worth reading if for whatever reason, you’re dead set on buying the Studio Display for your PC.

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