ubergizmo-plus-smartnewsWe’re launching the Ubergizmo smartnews channel in partnership with App Reader Smartnews. If you haven’t tried Smartnews for yourself, it is an up-and-coming news reader that brings two wonderful features:

  1. The app is incredibly fast, thanks to the “Smart” mode that can show a news piece much faster than a mobile website would load – even an optimized one.
  2. It has a special algorithm that bubbles up popular news, not only based on classic “social vote” metrics, but also on actual user reading behavior.

Here’s how to get the app, and how to add the Ubergizmo channel in easy steps:

First, you can download the Smartnews application at smartnews.com, you will be directed towards the appropriate page depending on your OS. After installing and launching the app, follow these simple instructions:

  1. Scroll the colored tabs to the right until you see a “+” sign.
  2. Go to the Categories tab, tap “technology”
  3. Scroll down until you see Ubergizmo, tap
  4. Tap Add, then Open
  5. Optional: You can drag Ubergizmo to the top
  6. That’s it, thank for following us with Smartnews!

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