Like any other user, a construction engineer works with the Windows operating system in most cases therefore, he/she can encounter similar threats.

Viruses can affect documents integrity (the majority of viruses are target Windows), file system issues, anything really.

At the same time, the AutoCAD software is popular among relatively small user groups so, it is much more difficult to share experience in case problems arise.

It is not only AutoCAD: the *.DWG format is used by many cheaper and highly targeted programs as well, and the number of their users is considerably higher.

Designers, architects and even sales advisors in Tool Shops often use their programs, supporting *.DWG drawings. There are many more articles about Word/Excel recovery and other mainstream applications, because their user base is considerably larger than AutoCAD users.

You are lucky to find this article, because we have already encountered errors in AutoCAD files, looked through many sources and are ready to share some results with you.

We have tried several recovery methods, including a lot of free ones and of course, we recommend our own software named Recovery Toolbox for DWG

Backups and auto-backups

What if a *.DWG drawing file became unopenable for any reason, what should you do? Hopefully, you have a backup, right? That is truly the best option, but remember that even the most prudent users do not create backups of required documents more than once a day, it means that all daily modifications could disappear.

We also believe that some users only think about backups perhaps once a year… That is why, we have another solution.

Fortunately, AutoCAD developers already thought about different scenarios and here is how it works: in case the application is started after a failure, it automatically triggers a file check for errors and tries to fix them.

If the automatic check is not somehow started, but there are clear file issues (for example, some objects are not available), the process can be started manually from File>Utilities, where you should select the «Check» command. Answer «Yes» to the system request «Fix all detected issues?» Later, the check is performed automatically, just need to wait for its completion.

Try Drawing Recovery Manager

Besides the automatic checks mentioned before, AutoCAD has a powerful inbuilt recovery option named Drawing Recovery Manager, it can be found here: Files>Utilities>Drawing Recovery Manager. When starting the service, users see a list of service files that can be used for recovery.

The latest document changes are in the autosave file. If you need to roll back the document changes, probably causing the issue, use a file of *.bak format. It is just an autosave file, it does not contain the very latest modifications.

It should not be difficult, but… if something does not work/recover or is not operational for any reason, there are other methods of data recovery which require the use of third-party programs.

Try Recovery Toolbox for DWG

The software is developed to recover corrupted *.DWG files that are not recoverable by standard AutoCAD tools. On the other hand, nobody knows, maybe even this program will be unable to help? Check it for sure as it does not cost anything. The analysis of input files and even its preview is free. You just need to download its installation file from the developer’s website and try it. Need to do the following:

  1. Download Recovery Toolbox for DWG from
  2. Install the program on your computer;
  3. Start Recovery Toolbox for DWG;
  4. Choose a damaged *.DWG file to begin;
  5. Start the analysis of selected file using the following button: Analyze;
  6. Preview a recovered file: you may zoom, delete and turn a drawing;
  7. If the software is registered – export the results to a new file, if AutoCAD is installed.

If the Demo version is ok and if for any reason it is good enough for you to preview recovered data, then there is no need to register anything.

The demo version of Recovery Toolbox for DWG works without a trial-period end, and does not require any payment. If you have a more powerful computer, think about installing the program there, otherwise just be patient with the computing.

You can also use the DEMO as a file preview mechanism for any *.dwg file, if there is no AutoCAD installed on your computer. Everybody knows the price of any AutoCAD version…

If you need to save and export data to a new file, you should register the software, which requires the purchase a registration key to remove all restrictions of the free version. After registration, Recovery Toolbox for DWG software can process any number of AutoCAD files.

The service of DWG file recovery, working on a local computer, guarantees that data cannot be intercepted. The program works even without the Internet connection, it could be important for those, who work with confidential data. The only restriction is that Recovery Toolbox for DWG should be installed on Windows computers only.

That’s not it! You can also recover without installing anything

We are talking about the online version of Recovery Toolbox for DWG, supported by the developer as well.

Unlike the offline Windows program, the online service does not require any installation. It allows uploading files from any device, regardless its operating system. Just need to have a good Internet connection. The recovery process looks as follows:

  1. Open the online recovery service
  2. Choose a file of *.DWG format to upload;
  3. Provide a valid email address and CAPTCHA;
  4. Go to the next stage;
  5. Pay for the service of document recovery;
  6. Download a recovered file.

A downloaded file should be openable in AutoCAD. If a recovery was not performed, a payment is not charged.

Online service is more advantageous than software installation on a local computer, but need to consider possible issues with the confidentiality of recovered data, maybe you are working with classified drawing of alien spaceship?

If that is the case, we understand! No need to take any risk and install the offline version of Recovery Toolbox for DWG.

On the other hand, we do not believe a data leakage is possible. All data is transferred to the online service through a protected link, it makes an interception much more complicated. Moreover, the option of data preview is impossible, a possibility of downloading recovered data occurs only after a payment for the recovery service.


But there is a better option! Just need to avoid such cases, where you need to recover corrupted drawings.

For this purpose, you just need to backup the most important documents that could cause losses if corrupted.

Use any external media: CD disk, external HDD or a flash disk. If your computer would destruct itself, it is not difficult to reinstall Windows, the essential is to protect documents, stored on a local HDD, their recovery looks more complicated.

If you could not avoid a file damage, Recovery Toolbox, Inc. can help with documents recovery, not just drawings. It is allowed restoring virtually all formats, in the most cases the preview of recovered data does not cost anything, some programs are free and distributed without limitations.

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