Recover Outlook Password: Getting Access Without Hacking

Followers of Buddhism are convinced that Gautama attained enlightenment while meditating underneath a sacred Ficus leaf for 49 days.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Overview

What is the first thought which flashes across our mind whenever your computer falls prey to virus attack? Well, it is the safety of your data and that is why it is imperative to use a versatile data recovery software.But with a large number of options available in the market, it actually gets difficult to make the final decision. The steep learning curve of these tools make the whole thing […]

How To Completely Erase An SSD With WipeDrive

After 5 years of typing up class papers and worksheets for your first job, the laptop you got your sophomore year of college is now slow and you’ve just purchased its replacement.  The new laptop is fast and can handle all the programs you need to run for your job but what do you do with your old laptop?The old laptop has tax information, personal photos, videos, logins, that are […]

How to Recover Deleted Files in Windows with Recoverit

No matter how much we try to avoid it – we all can end up suffering from the loss of our important data out of the blue. If you own a Windows system and use it for work or personal reasons, then you should take some preventive measures.


VideoProc Tutorial: Convert and Compress GoPro 4K Videos to Greatly Optimize Size

Smartphone users who have a 4K-enabled GoPro camera often want to copy their video files using Quick Key, or the native GoPro App only to find out that some formats are not always supported and that files occupy a huge amount of storage space.

How to Convert DVD ISO To High-Quality MP4 Using WinX DVD Ripper

By ripping DVDs to ISO image files, we can make intact digital backups of our discs and store them on computer hard drive or other storage devices or cloud services. ISO file is really a great option if we want to preserve everything on a DVD. However, you may want to convert DVD ISO to MP4 or other format because of the following reasons.

How to Use iMyFone D-Back iPhone Data Recovery

After 10 years of production, the Apple iPhone continues to be one of the most popular smartphones on the planet. They’re not just for making calls or answering texts. They’re also used for messaging, to snap and view photos, take notes and perform hundreds of other tasks.

How To Beat Ransomware: Prevent, Don’t React

Picture this: You’ve spent the last few weeks working on a tribute video for a friend’s 30th wedding anniversary. You collected photos and video clips and edited them together, laying over a soundtrack of their favorite songs. It was a real labor of love.When you finally finish the project, you go to copy the file onto a DVD and—what the?—a strange message pops up.

The Nexus 6P, Leading Google Daydream VR Smartphone

At Google IO 2016, some Android advances made available in Android N’s “final beta” were announced, and among them, Daydream VR, the next-generation virtual reality (VR) specifications, APIs and user interface (UI) for Android. The consumer handsets compatible with this new VR technology will be available “this fall” according to official sources, but Nexus 6P users have a chance to experience Daydream well before the rest of the world.

How to Back-up Familly Computers & Mobiles Using The Acronis Cloud

When it comes to backups, there are two brutal truths: 1/ most people don’t care about them until something the loss of invaluable data has occurred. 2/ when people realize that backups are important, the learning curve is still steep.The business world has solved this by hiring IT managers who oversee a centralized backup system (hardware+software). However, it is much less common for small businesses, families and smaller groups in […]

How To Upgrade to Windows 10 Safely With Acronis True Image

Upgrading to Windows 10 and getting the latest bells and whistles is exciting. However, since Windows supports millions of different hardware/software combinations, testing for all of them is simply impossible for Microsoft. Therefore, despite the extraordinary amount of testing that goes into releasing a new version of Windows, there’s always a chance that something will go wrong during an upgrade, leaving you with a non-functional computer.One way of quickly getting […]

How To Backup an iPhone With Acronis

Outside of Apple’s default backup and sync options, there are 3rd party apps to help you backup critical data on your iPhone. Acronis True Image Cloud is one of them, and we are going to show you how to backup and restore data with it. The same instructions are also valid for iPads.  We will cover what’s different, and use step by step instructions to guide you through the process.

The Most Common Internet Dangers

With billions of web users, and more coming online every day, cyber-crime has been skyrocketing. You have heard of high-profile hacks and stolen data on a regular basis, and the frequency of attacks is unlikely to slow down anytime soon. Hackers are now using very sophisticated tools and thousands (if not millions) of hacked/infected computers to automatically probe computers like yours for potential vulnerabilities.It is not a matter of “if”, […]

Detachable vs. Clamshell Ultrabooks: What Side Are You On? [Promoted]

Promoted story: this post is brought to you by ToshibaAfter mobiles phones, laptops are probably the second most personal devices we own, and now they come in more shapes and forms than ever before. The introduction of touch-screens to laptops has ignited a wildfire of industrial design creativity, which is why a PC manufacturer like Toshiba has to wonder what early adopters like you and us think of the difference […]