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How Employee Collaboration with eUnite @Work Will Drive the Post-COVID Economy
With the pandemic forcing unprecedented disruption to companies’ operations worldwide, the number of remote workers could increase to 25-30% of the workforce, according to Global Workplace Analytics. Social distancing and trends in remote work environments are requiring businesses to find new ways to work, share knowledge, and grow.Since businesses thrive on communication, this statistic presents a new obstacle for vital management functions in any size business. With so many teams […]

Recover From Ransomware Attacks With Recovery Toolbox for SQL Server
Any Database Administrator (DBA) knows that security comes first. Thanks to responsible engineers, the database always works without failure. Also, there is the latest backup on the shelf, with which you can restore data in case of problems.

How To Color Match Videos With Wondershare Filmora X
One of the goals of every video creator is to have smooth transitions between different clips, but oftentimes when the coloration of the footage between two different clips doesn’t match, it can be very jarring to the viewer. Content creators and video editors will agree that this can be a frustrating experience.

How To Repair AutoCAD files With Recovery Toolbox for DWG
Like any other user, a construction engineer works with the Windows operating system in most cases therefore, he/she can encounter similar threats.Viruses can affect documents integrity (the majority of viruses are target Windows), file system issues, anything really.At the same time, the AutoCAD software is popular among relatively small user groups so, it is much more difficult to share experience in case problems arise.It is not only AutoCAD: the *.DWG […]


Meet Recovery Toolbox, The File Recovery Company
There are additional difficulties associated with the transition of many companies to work remotely because of Coronavirus. It would be ideal if the employee had his/her own laptop in the office, which makes it easy to then work remotely.

How To Batch-Convert PDF to MS Office With PDFelement
In this article, we provide our readers with at least 5 PDF conversion options. You will learn how to convert PDF to MS office, images, PDF/A, scanned PDFs, batch conversation and more using PDFelement. Let’s find it out now.

How To Repair A PowerPoint Presentation With Recovery Toolbox (Any Device)
Let us share with you the hypothetical sad story of the loss of a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation that we had been working on for two weeks for our boss. Everything ended up a nightmare.

How To Safely Manage Your iPhone As If It Was Already Jailbroken?
If it weren’t for the sake of security and warranty, every iPhone owner might already have jailbroken their devices for better customization, advanced entertainment, and more flexible data management.

How To Work With Remote Employees Over the Internet
Nowadays, the info structure of different enterprises requires the inclusion of distant offices and branches. How to include a new segment of the enterprise in an integrated corporate net? Conduct your own wired channel? It’s expensive and not always possible due to remoteness or difficulties with installation in the city overloaded with wired communications. Use a wireless channel? It is not too cheap and poorly noise-resistant, as well as difficulties […]

How To Fix Outlook Error 0x8004010F With RecoveryToolBox
A lot of people use Outlook only; it should be clear and accepted. It’s easy, and the application is a part of the MS Office package. Its interface is more or less routine, why reinvent the wheel and look for something new?

Why WinX DVD Ripper Platinum Is The Ideal Tool to Backup/Digitize DVDs
It is essential for users to take care of their DVDs to avoid the loss of valuable content. And that includes using the right software to handle a lot of DVD playing problems.

Batch Convert MKV to MP4 4K Big Files with VideoProc/FFmpeg
Both MKV and MP4 are popular file formats. The difference is the former handles more types of data whereas the latter is more widely accepted. So an educated guess as to why you want MP4 over MKV is that something is wrong with your MKV video loading when playing or editing. Re-encoding to reduce file size is yet another possibility.

How to Quit Your Job and Keep Your Business Correspondence and Contacts
No, we are not going to teach you how to quit your job; it is easy, put a resignation notice on the boss’s desk—that is all.

What Makes A Good Esport?
The competitive video gaming scene has exploded in popularity over the past few years and it now boasts 454 million viewers across the world. It is an extremely lucrative industry thanks to sponsorship deals, media rights agreements, ticket sales, advertising and merchandising.

Recover Outlook Password: Getting Access Without Hacking
Followers of Buddhism are convinced that Gautama attained enlightenment while meditating underneath a sacred Ficus leaf for 49 days.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Overview
What is the first thought which flashes across our mind whenever your computer falls prey to virus attack? Well, it is the safety of your data and that is why it is imperative to use a versatile data recovery software.But with a large number of options available in the market, it actually gets difficult to make the final decision. The steep learning curve of these tools make the whole thing […]

How To Completely Erase An SSD With WipeDrive
After 5 years of typing up class papers and worksheets for your first job, the laptop you got your sophomore year of college is now slow and you’ve just purchased its replacement.  The new laptop is fast and can handle all the programs you need to run for your job but what do you do with your old laptop?The old laptop has tax information, personal photos, videos, logins, that are […]

How to Recover Deleted Files in Windows with Recoverit
No matter how much we try to avoid it – we all can end up suffering from the loss of our important data out of the blue. If you own a Windows system and use it for work or personal reasons, then you should take some preventive measures.

VideoProc Tutorial: Convert and Compress GoPro 4K Videos to Greatly Optimize Size
Smartphone users who have a 4K-enabled GoPro camera often want to copy their video files using Quick Key, or the native GoPro App only to find out that some formats are not always supported and that files occupy a huge amount of storage space.

How to Convert DVD ISO To High-Quality MP4 Using WinX DVD Ripper
By ripping DVDs to ISO image files, we can make intact digital backups of our discs and store them on computer hard drive or other storage devices or cloud services. ISO file is really a great option if we want to preserve everything on a DVD. However, you may want to convert DVD ISO to MP4 or other format because of the following reasons.