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GoPro Now Lets You Trade-Up Your Old Action Camera
If you have a previous-generation GoPro camera and it’s collecting dust somewhere because you lost interest in it or would rather have one that’s more capable, GoPro has now come out with the perfect solution for you. The company today announced the launch of a new trade-up program which will encourage existing customers to part with their GoPros and purchase a new one from the company.

New Yi Action Camera Promises 4K Recording At 60FPS
China-based Yi, backed by Xiaomi, creates many smart and connected devices. The company is also in the business of making action cameras so it’s a direct competitor to GoPro. As is the case with most products coming out of China, they strive to offer similar or better functionality than their rivals at competitive price points. That’s how Yi’s action cameras are positioned against the ones from GoPro, Sony, and others. […]

There's A Reason Why Casio's New Action Camera Has A 1.9 Megapixel Sensor
The Exilim FR110H is a new rugged action camera that Casio has just announced. You might be shocked to see that it only has a 1.9 megapixel sensor but there’s a perfectly good reason for that. Greater megapixels don’t necessarily mean greater quality, there’s more to it than meets the eye. Casio’s latest action camera has bigger pixels which mean improved performance in low-light conditions, which is what the Exilim […]

New Nikon Action Cameras Introduced
Nikon – a company that needs no introduction – today announced a new line of robust action cameras meant to take on the GoPros of the world. The company has also confirmed the finer details of its KeyMission 360 camera which was announced earlier this year at CES. The new Nikon action cameras also feature the same KeyMission branding, these are the first cameras of this kind that Nikon has […]


Sony Refreshes 4K Action Cam With Optical Image Stabilization
The 4K Action Cam is Sony’s GoPro competitor and a very good one at that. The company has now updated the 4K Action Cam which bears model number X3000R features Optical Image Stabilization. It has several other new features as well including but not limited to face detection and a new menu system that’s easier to navigate. Sony has unveiled another action cam which is exactly the same aside from […]

New Sony Action Cams For 2016
Sony’s push in the highly competitive Action Cam market continues with the same strategy which consists in focusing on improving the cameras’ industrial design, controls, and image quality over its previous models, like the FDR-X1000V from 2015.To that end, the new Sony Action Cams will feature a higher resolution LCD, which will make the user-interface (UI) more legible. They will also switch to an icon-based graphical interface. To be fair, […]

Sony 4K Action Cam Review (FDR-X1000V)
Sony added its new Action Cam camera with 4K video recording to its Action Cam wearable camera lineup at CES 2015. The Sony FDR-X1000V 4K Action Cam has a similar form-factor as the previous Action Cam models and will cost $499 and $599 with the Sony Live View Remote, a utterly useful accessory when you are skiing.Price-wise and feature-wise the Sony 4K Action Cam is comparable to the Gopro Hero4 Black, with […]

Graava Action Cam Takes The Pain Out Of Editing Videos
There are tons of options for you if you’re in the market for an action cam, there are products from behemoths like GoPro and Sony as well as action cams from less popular companies. There’s one thing in common about all of these products: you might find yourself wanting to edit all of that first-person video that you captured and if you’re not super into video editing the entire ordeal […]

GoPro Hero+ Gets A Touchscreen And Camera Improvements
GoPro offers action cameras for a variety of consumers. If you’re a professional who needs special equipment to capture the perfect action footage the company has various products to suit your needs, and if you’re an average joe who just needs to film jumping off of a cliff on holiday, GoPro has got you covered too. The entry level Hero has been the go-to choice for many average users given its […]

HTC Re Review: Designed For Humans
When HTC launched the Re Camera, it was an agreeable surprise from the phone company. Re is a small companion camera that is designed to be waterproof (IP57 standard) and used by either holding it, or attaching it to a mounting accessory. Seen from 10,000 feet, this is HTC’s GoPro, but in reality these products are designed for different use cases. The HTC Re’s design is more “human” and fit […]

Sony X1000V 4K High-End Action Cam
The action cam market is clearly hot, and Sony is soldiering on in its uphill battle to gain market share by adding high-end tech and features into the X1000V, its first 4K action cam.