There are tons of options for you if you’re in the market for an action cam, there are products from behemoths like GoPro and Sony as well as action cams from less popular companies. There’s one thing in common about all of these products: you might find yourself wanting to edit all of that first-person video that you captured and if you’re not super into video editing the entire ordeal might bore you. This is where Graava comes in, it’s a new action cam that takes care of the editing so you don’t have to.

Graava is a very slick action camera designed in collaboration with Matter Design, it’s capable of shooting video in 1080p at 30 frames per second and 720p video at 60 frames per second. It can also take still shots in 8 megapixel with a 130 degree field of view.

If you’re looking for features like 4K video recording and super slow motion then Graava isn’t for you because it doesn’t have those features. Compatible with wireless charging mats Graava has a 1,100mAh battery said to be good for three hours of video recording at 1080p.

Graava’s selling point isn’t its specifications, it’s that the action cam’s software is good enough to pick out the most compelling moments from all of the footage that you shoot by tapping into the accelerometer, GPS, microphone and even third party heart rate monitors.  The software is smart enough to make edits to match the beat of a song and is also capable of syncing footage from multiple Graava cameras.

If you’re interested in picking up this action camera you’ll have to wait, while Graava can be pre-ordered today for $249. This price is only offered to those who pre-order a unit before September 1st after which Graava will be available to pre-order at its retail price of $399. It won’t be released until early next year.

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