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How To Fix Error Loading Player: No playable Source found
‘Error loading player: No playable source found‘ – you usually end up encountering this issue if the browser you happen to use does not allow Flash to run or maybe you need to re-install Flash manually for the browsers you want to use. In this article, we will talk about 3 simple solutions that will help you resolve the issue.

How To Enable Click To Play Plugins in Chrome
For the past two years, Google’s Chrome browser no longer supports any click-to-play plugin, except for Adobe Flash Player. Though, even for the latter, users will have to enable it manually.In this tutorial, we are going to be taking a look at how to enable click to play plugins in Google Chrome to make it more convenient when you browse older sites.

Adobe Starts Inching Away From Flash
Adobe has held on to Flash for long enough, even though crucial security vulnerabilities have been discovered one after the other, and yet it held on. Not anymore though. Adobe is now telling users to stop using Flash, well maybe not as openly, it’s being more subtle. Adobe saying that it’s now going to “encourage” content creators to build with new web standards, standards like HTML5.

Adobe Patches Criticial Flash Vulnerability
A few days back Adobe posted a security bulletin on its website through which it confirmed that it was aware of a “critical vulnerability” in some versions of Flash player, with the vulnerability affecting users on Windows, Mac and Linux. It could cause their systems to crash and even let attackers remotely take control of the system. Adobe has now confirmed that the vulnerability has been patched.


Adobe Confirms 'Critical Vulnerability' In Some Flash Versions
Adobe has confirmed through a security bulletin posted on its website that it’s aware of a “critical vulnerability” with some versions of the Flash Player, the vulnerability affects Windows, Mac and Linux users alike and can likely cause systems to crash as well as allow attackers to remotely “take control of the affected system.” Affected versions include and earlier.