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A few days back Adobe posted a security bulletin on its website through which it confirmed that it was aware of a “critical vulnerability” in some versions of Flash player, with the vulnerability affecting users on Windows, Mac and Linux. It could cause their systems to crash and even let attackers remotely take control of the system. Adobe has now confirmed that the vulnerability has been patched.

The security bulletin had revealed that this vulnerability was being used in limited targeted attacks, this meant that the threat was quite real, but a permanent fix wasn’t immediately available.

There was one temporary fix available to those who wanted to safeguard themselves against a possible attack through this vulnerability, and that was to remove Adobe Flash Player from their computer until a patch was released.

An updated security bulletin on Adobe’s website confirms that the company has patched this vulnerability, users are no longer at risk and those who had uninstalled Adobe Flash Player can now install it once again.

It’s not unheard of to find vulnerabilities in software but as per Adobe’s own Severity Rating system this exploit was critical, meaning it would allow malicious native-code to execute without the user even knowing about it, which meant that this security flaw couldn’t be taken lightly at all.

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