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BlackBerry PlayBook won't be short of apps at launch
The BlackBerry PlayBook will be RIM’s first device that runs on a totally new operating system, QNX. One of the problems with having a new operating system is the fact that there usually isn’t an ecosystem of apps developed for the tablet when it launches. Well, RIM has officially announced that this won’t be a problem – the BlackBerry PlayBook will have the ability to support both BlackBerry Java and […]

Airspresso bike-pump espresso machine
If you’re a fan of espressos and camping, the Airspresso might be the espresso maker just for you. Imagine this – you’re in the middle of the jungle with no Starbucks or power outlet within walking distance, and you’re desperate for that triple shot espresso, what do you do? Unless you have a battery pack and an espresso machine you’re probably out of luck. But if you had the Airspresso, […]

A kitty mask that helps you breathe
Thanko has come up with a mask that helps you filter the air you breathe while making you look like some crazy cat man or a kid who hasn’t grown out of dressing up. The battery powered kitty face mask helps to filter and circulate the air around you before you let it go into your body, keeping you safe from the noxious fumes that are emitted from vehicles while […]

“Air lasers” could be used to sniff out bombs from afar
Some engineers at the University of Princeton have come up with a new system to detect bombs – with the use of lasers. The system works by sending out a beam of light to a volume of air that needs to be sampled, which then returns a beam of laser from the air itself right into a detector. With the detector, the concentration of chemicals found in the air sample […]


Gaiam Air Sanitizer for clean, breathable air at CES 2011
[CES 2011] The amount of human traffic at CES is tremendous each year, whether there is an economic downturn or not, and if you are rather paranoid about catching a bug from folks who drop by your booth, then you might want to see whether you need the Gaiam Air Sanitizer or not. Boasting advanced NCCO technology inside that sanitizes and removes harmful odors, airborne bacteria, dust and mold spores which […]

Adobe confirms Google's Gingerbread launch
Adobe might have accidentally confirmed the arrival of Google’s Gingerbread update by posting updates to the AIR 2.5 and Flash 10.1 for Android. In the update release notes, it was explicitly mentioned that the updates will play nice with Android 2.3, where the latter was already completed last month but wasn’t made official just yet. Both updates will also fix security exploits so that your smartphone remains secure during use […]

Dell Adamo XPS hands-on and final pricing
Dell just announced that its Dell Adamo XPS, a laptop that is only 9.99mm (4/10″) thin, will ship this month. The laptop that used to be shown behind closed doors as a “prototype” will now make its debut as a product for this holiday season. You’ve seen the leaks, the photos, the teasers, and now you’re finally getting the real price: Adamo XPS starts at $1799. Dell has gone through a lot […]

Breathing Bud Analyzes Air Quality
The Breathing Bud device is a concept that gives a visual indicator of your air quality at home (or wherever else you place it) using color codes. It was designed to look like a pleasant bud, where vents at the base will suck in the air for analysis. A blue bud would point towards good quality air, while a pink light means you ought to do something about the air […]