If you’re a fan of espressos and camping, the Airspresso might be the espresso maker just for you. Imagine this – you’re in the middle of the jungle with no Starbucks or power outlet within walking distance, and you’re desperate for that triple shot espresso, what do you do? Unless you have a battery pack and an espresso machine you’re probably out of luck. But if you had the Airspresso, a bicycle air-pump, coffee beans and some hot water (from a campfire perhaps?) you’re good to go. This espresso machine makes use of air pressure instead of steam to turn your ground coffee beans and hot water into a nice cup of espresso to keep you going through the day. The only problem with the Airspresso is that it costs a whopping $180. But how much are you willing to pay for that perfect cup of coffee? The Airspresso is available for purchase here.

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