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Some Alcatel Smartphones Came Preinstalled With Malware
Avoiding malware on our smartphones and computers is pretty easy: just don’t install apps or visit suspicious sounding and looking websites. Granted this isn’t a guarantee that you can’t get infected, but usually practicing such habits can help. Unfortunately for owners of certain Alcatel handsets, their phones actually came with malware preinstalled.

Alcatel 1 Android Go Phone Now Available From Amazon
Android Go is an iteration of Android Oreo that Google launched last year. It’s meant for affordable devices with 1GB of RAM or less. Many manufacturers have made Android Go smartphones that cost under $100 and promise an improved software experience because of this iteration of Google’s platform. Alcatel is one such device and it’s now available for purchase in the United States from Amazon.

Alcatel 7 Android Phone Available At MetroPCS
Announced at MWC 2018, the Alcatel 7 is a low-mid-range smartphone (~$180) that features an excellent battery capacity of 4000 mAh, which identical to high-end phones like the new Galaxy Note 9, or the Huawei P20 Pro.

$89 Alcatel 1 Android Go Smartphone Arrives
Google’s Android Go initiative will bring a new wave of affordable smartphones that run an optimized version of Android with lightweight apps. Many OEMs have started developing their Android Go handsets and Alcatel is one of them. The company has officially announced its Alcatel 1 Android Go smartphone. It will start shipping the device next month and customers will be able to pick one up for $89.


Alcatel 1X Android Go Handset Available In The U.S. Next Week
A handful of Google’s OEM partners have committed to making Android Go-powered devices. ZTE launched its Android Go device back in March and while it could have been the first such smartphone to be sold in the United States, the recent ban placed by the U.S. Department of Commerce on the company has effectively crippled the company and forced it to cease business operations. This means that Alcatel can now […]

First Alcatel Android Go Phone Being Launched In The U.S.
Google introduced its Android Go initiative last year. It’s a lightweight version of the Android operating system that’s designed to work on devices with entry-level specifications. Google has even released lightweight versions of its popular apps like YouTube and Google Maps to go with this iteration of Android. Many OEMs are now making Android Go smartphones and Alcatel is going to bring its first Android Go smartphone to the United […]

Alcatel A30 Tablet Now Available From T-Mobile
With so many tablets available in the market today, consumers are really spoilt for choice. However if you’re looking for a tablet for the sake of a tablet and don’t really want to break the bank by buying an iPad or iPad Pro, Alcatel and T-Mobile might have something for you in the form of the Alcatel A30.

Alcatel Flash Smartphone Features Four Cameras
How many cameras do you think are enough on a smartphone? Most of them have two for good reason, one in the front and one in the back. However, some manufacturers have started adopting dual-camera systems for the back to provide even better imaging features. If you’re Alcatel, you think that a smartphone needs four cameras, which is precisely the number of camera’s you’ll find on its new Flash smartphone.

What To Expect At MWC 2017Editor's Pick
Earlier last month we attended CES 2017, an event about consumer electronics in general. However if you were less interested in refrigerators, robots for the home, or the latest and most beautiful televisions, and are more interested in the mobile scene, then MWC 2017 is probably the event that you’ve been waiting for.

Alcatel MWC 2017 Event Invite Teases Modular Smartphone
It was reported recently that Alcatel is going to make waves at the Mobile World Congress 2017 in Barcelona next month by launching five new smartphones. It’s also believed that one of those smartphones is going to be a modular device much like the LG G5. The company today sent out invites to the press for its MWC 2017 press conference and the invite hints at its modular smartphone.

Alcatel Modular Smartphone Expected At MWC 2017
Recent reports have suggested that Sony is going to launch five new smartphones at the Mobile World Congress 2017 in Barcelona next month. A new report claims that it’s not going to be the only company that launches that many handsets. Alcatel is reportedly going to unveil five new smartphones as well and one of them is claimed to be a modular smartphone.

Alcatel Idol 4S With Windows 10 Won't Be Released In Europe
T-Mobile recently launched a new device made by Alcatel in the United States and it happens to be powered by Windows 10. This device – the Alcatel Idol 4S – was actually launched earlier this year with Android. The Windows 10-powered version appears to be limited to T-Mobile at this point in time, and the manufacturer itself has confirmed that this particular handset is not going to be released across […]

T-Mobile Officially Launches Its First Windows 10 VR Smartphone
Last week, T-Mobile inadvertently revealed that it would soon launch a Windows 10 VR headset on its network. The smartphone in question is actually called the Alcatel Idol 4S. It’s powered by Windows 10 Mobile and is VR-ready, an Android-powered version of this handset was already released earlier this year. T-Mobile has announced its first Windows 10 VR smartphone officially today.

T-Mobile Launches Alcatel Linkzone Mobile Hotspot
T-Mobile today launched a new mobile hotspot device for customers who require internet connectivity on the go. It enables users to connect multiple devices and share the internet connection between them. Since the hotspot device has an integrated battery it’s great for using when you’re out and about. The Alcatel Linkzone mobile hotspot is available starting today from T-Mobile.