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Samsung Galaxy S5 Alpha Images Leaked (Rumor)
There has been much talk circulating around the Samsung Galaxy S5 Alpha (which we have referred to as the Galaxy Alpha in the past), citing it to be a metal clad handset, but so far there has been no images on this purported device – at least not until now. You can check out a gallery of this rumored upcoming premium smartphone right after the jump.

Sony rumored to have three full frame camera prototypes in the works
We reported not too long ago that Sony was rumored to be working on a mysterious new camera and that the company was expected to debut new Alpha cameras at CES 2013. The folks at Sony Alpha Rumors are back with another tip and this time they claim that according to their sources, Sony has three new full frame camera prototypes in the works. Instead of each prototype being deviations […]

$25 Raspberry minicomputer now in alpha production stage
Remember the $25 Raspberry Pi minicomputer we talked about a couple of months ago? Well it looks like there’s been significant progress since then. The PCB layout of the Raspberry Pi has been finalized and an alpha release has been sent to manufacture. This means that the computer should be undergoing testing pretty soon, and when all the bugs and problems are weeded out, it will probably go on to […]

Nikon D400 and Sony A77 cameras to feature 25Mp crop sensor?
Whispers are going around that Sony’s future A77 Alpha camera and Nikon’s rumored D400 could use an improved crop frame sensor with a resolution that might encroach upon medium format territory. A Sony DSLR trainer said that he heard rumors that the APS-C sensor on the Sony camera would be bumped to 25-megapixels, though there isn’t any confirmation on this just yet.


Opera 11 alpha browser now available
Opera has rolled out the first alpha of Opera 11, which is actually the next version of the company’s award-winning desktop web browser. Opera 11 is touted to be the first Opera browser that will play nice with extensions, as well as browser add-ons made thanks to Opera application programming interfaces (APIs) and web standards such as HTML5 and JavaScript. This adds a whole new level of customization to what […]

Jolicloud Private Alpha Social Netbook OS Launched
Jolicloud has released a private alpha of its social netbook OS, and you’ll need an invitation code to download a copy for yourself. What is Jolicloud anyways? Well, it is in essence, a customized version of Ubuntu Linux which will narrow the gap between desktop and web apps, letting you run web apps side by side with your desktop applications, such as starting Twitter or Facebook just like how you […]

Sony Officially Introduces Three User-Friendly DSLR Cameras + Accessories
Sony introduces three new DSLR cameras, named a230, a330 and a380, for casual users who want to use DSLRs like awesome point and shoot cameras.First of all, the cameras are lighter than previous models. The A-230 weighs 15.9oz (450g) and all three are more compact than previous models . The user interface has been changed to be more intuitive, but we’ll have to try that in the field to confirm. All models […]

Sony Preps Trio Of Alpha dSLRs
Sony’s range of Alpha dSLRs ain’t half bad, and they are now preparing to launch another three more dSLRs to further expand the Alpha family in the near future. First of all, we will be able to play with the A330 and two lenses (50mm and 18-55mm), while the remaining two models include the A230 and the A380 (sounds more like Airbus plane model numbers than anything else). Further details […]