Whispers are going around that Sony’s future A77 Alpha camera and Nikon’s rumored D400 could use an improved crop frame sensor with a resolution that might encroach upon medium format territory. A Sony DSLR trainer said that he heard rumors that the APS-C sensor on the Sony camera would be bumped to 25-megapixels, though there isn’t any confirmation on this just yet.

The trainer claimed that Sony’s new camera would use this improved sensor and its ISO light sensitivity would range into the “hundreds of thousands”, which is something that very high-end, full-frame cameras such as the Nikon D3s and Canon EOS 1D Mark IV normally have. Other possible details include a new electronic viewfinder and a durable magnesium body. While there isn’t too much information to go on at the moment, it doesn’t sound like this camera will come cheap.

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