The Blackberry Z10 was launched with tens of thousands of apps, some were designed for the Z10 specifically, while some were Android ports, which is not a bad thing since the Google Play store has more than their share of decent apps. Now if you were worried that maybe Blackberry’s upcoming Q10 might not have the same support, thanks to its QWERTY keyboard layout, fret not as Blackberry has announced that the Q10 will be receiving Android app support as well.

This was announced on Blackberry’s developer blog where they stated that not only could developers port Android apps onto the Q10, but existing ports for devices like the Z10 and Playbook can also be brought onto the Q10 as well. Thanks to the Blackberry Runtime for Android apps, apps will be scaled automatically to fit the screen of the device it’s running on, although considering that the Q10 has a different display compared to the Z10 and regular full touchscreen phones, Blackberry noted it was best to config the app to make it an optimized fit.

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