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First Alcatel Android Go Phone Being Launched In The U.S.
Google introduced its Android Go initiative last year. It’s a lightweight version of the Android operating system that’s designed to work on devices with entry-level specifications. Google has even released lightweight versions of its popular apps like YouTube and Google Maps to go with this iteration of Android. Many OEMs are now making Android Go smartphones and Alcatel is going to bring its first Android Go smartphone to the United […]

ZTE Tempo Go Is The First Android Go Handset For The U.S.
Google announced Android Go last year, an iteration of its mobile operating system that’s aimed at low-end devices. This particular iteration of Android is meant for cheap devices that aren’t that impressive in the specs department but the OS itself and the accompanying native apps are lightweight enough to deliver a much better user experience. ZTE today announced one of the first Android Go handsets for the U.S. market called […]

Google Assistant Go App Released On Play Store
Google unveiled its Android Go initiative at the I/O developers conference in May last year. It’s a toned-down version of the Android operating system that’s meant for entry-level devices with little RAM. Google promised to release Go-specific versions of some of its key apps and since then we’ve seen a few of them get less memory hungry. The Google Assistant app has now received the same treatment.

Lightweight Google Maps Go App Available In Beta
Google announced Android Go last year, it’s a lightweight iteration of its Android OS that’s meant for devices with low-end hardware. Google is also going to back it up with Go-exclusive native apps which will also be lighter and less resource hungry. We’ve already seen Files Go and Google Go apps and now we can finally get our hands on the lightweight Google Maps Go app.The official Android Go website […]


$30 Android Go Smartphones May Be Launched This Month
Google introduced an optimized iteration of Android called Android Go last year. It’s meant for affordable devices with 1GB of RAM or less. It’s how Google plans on expanding Android’s reach further in emerging markets. According to a new report, Google has teamed up with several manufacturers in India to launch $30 Android Go-powered smartphones later this month.

Nokia 1 Android Go Handset Release Expected In March 2018
Google introduced Android Go earlier this year. It’s a lightweight iteration of Android Oreo that’s meant for handsets with humble specifications. It’s built to operate on smartphones that have 1GB of RAM or less. It even requires less internal storage space compared to the full-fledged Nougat. Google said that it would work with manufacturing partners to bring Android Go devices to the market. It looks like the Nokia 1 might […]

‘Android Go’ Is A Lightweight Version Of Android For Low-End Devices
Several years ago, Google attempted to address the emerging market with an initiative called Android One. This basically resulted in a series of low-end Android devices that were sold on the cheap. However it did not quite make the splash that we’re sure Google was hoping for, and it seems that they’re back again with another attempt.