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Qualcomm Reportedly Developing Low-Cost SoC For Android Go Devices
One of the ways that Android Go devices have managed to keep its costs down is by using lower-end hardware which is generally cheaper compared to more powerful hardware. It seems that Qualcomm could be trying to capitalize on that particular market because according to a report from WinFuture, the company might be testing out low-cost SoCs designed specifically for android Go devices.

Samsung Galaxy J4 Core Android Go Handset Announced
While high-end smartphones certainly make for better news and publicity, and also does a good job of showing off a company’s technology, the price of such devices typically means that there are a good number of customers out there who cannot afford them, such as those living in developing countries.

Galaxy J4 Core May Be Samsung's Second Android Go Smartphone
Android Go smartphones run a version of the Android OS that’s optimized for smartphones with entry-level specs. Many manufacturers have since released their Android Go devices. Samsung recently came out with one as well and it appears that the company now has another such device up its sleeve. It may be called the Galaxy J4 Core.

Alcatel 1 Android Go Phone Now Available From Amazon
Android Go is an iteration of Android Oreo that Google launched last year. It’s meant for affordable devices with 1GB of RAM or less. Many manufacturers have made Android Go smartphones that cost under $100 and promise an improved software experience because of this iteration of Google’s platform. Alcatel is one such device and it’s now available for purchase in the United States from Amazon.


Samsung Internet Go Developed For Its First Android Go Smartphone
If you use a Samsung smartphone then you’ll be aware that in addition to Google’s Chrome browser, the company’s smartphones come with its own Samsung Internet browser as well. Samsung is due to release its first Android Go smartphone in the near future. It has developed a lightweight version of the Samsung Internet browser for the upcoming device.

ASUS ZenFone Live Is Its First Android Go Smartphone
Quite a few Android Go smartphones have already been released by different manufacturers and ASUS is now joining the list. The company has released the ZenFone Live, its first Android Go smartphone. It has come as a bit of a surprise since the rumor mill hadn’t mentioned anything about ASUS having an Android Go device up its sleeve.

Moto E5 Play Android Go Edition Launched
The Moto E5 Play is a cheaper version of the Moto E5 and there are minor differences in the specs. Motorola has now announced another iteration of the handset called the Moto E5 Play Android Go Edition. As the name suggests, this device is part of Google’s Android Go program which promises improved performance on devices with 1GB of RAM or less.

FCC Clears Samsung's First Android Go Smartphone
More and more Android Go-powered smartphones are hitting the market as manufacturers are opting to try their luck on Google’s optimized Android platform for low-end devices. Samsung is also believed to have one such device in the pipeline. Samsung’s first Android Go smartphone has now been certified by the FCC which suggests that a proper launch may not be that far off.

Samsung's First Android Go Phone Appears In Leaked Photos
Many OEMs have decided to join Google’s Android Go initiative to launch cheap handsets with an optimized version of Android that offers a better user experience on devices with less than 1GB of RAM. Reports suggest that Samsung is gearing up to launch an Android Go smartphone as well and today some images of Samsung’s Android Go smartphone have been leaked online.The accompanying report claims that Samsung is going to […]

$89 Alcatel 1 Android Go Smartphone Arrives
Google’s Android Go initiative will bring a new wave of affordable smartphones that run an optimized version of Android with lightweight apps. Many OEMs have started developing their Android Go handsets and Alcatel is one of them. The company has officially announced its Alcatel 1 Android Go smartphone. It will start shipping the device next month and customers will be able to pick one up for $89.

Samsung Android Go Device Specs Possibly Leaked
While Samsung hasn’t officially confirmed it as yet, recent reports have suggested that there’s a Samsung Android Go smartphone in the pipeline. Android Go is an iteration of Android Oreo that Google has launched for low-end devices with 1GB of RAM or less. These devices offer a vanilla Android experience on entry-level smartphones. Samsung is believed to be making one such device and its specs have possibly been leaked.

Alcatel 1X Android Go Handset Available In The U.S. Next Week
A handful of Google’s OEM partners have committed to making Android Go-powered devices. ZTE launched its Android Go device back in March and while it could have been the first such smartphone to be sold in the United States, the recent ban placed by the U.S. Department of Commerce on the company has effectively crippled the company and forced it to cease business operations. This means that Alcatel can now […]

Samsung Possibly Testing Android Go Smartphone For Select Markets
Google announced Android Go last year. It’s an iteration of the company’s mobile operating system that’s meant for low-end devices with less than 1GB of RAM. The operating system and accompanying lightweight apps are optimized for low-end devices to provide a good user experience. ZTE was among the first companies to launch an Android Go smartphone and it appears that Samsung might have one in the pipeline as well.

First Android Go Handset For The U.S. Available Now
Android Go is an iteration of Google’s mobile operating system that the company announced last year. It’s meant for low-end devices with specs that leave a lot to be desired. However, the OS and accompanying apps are lightweight enough to provide a good user experience on such devices. It was confirmed a couple of months ago that ZTE will be the first to bring an Android Go smartphone to the […]