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iPhone 12 Pro Max Camera ReviewEditor's Pick
Image Quality AnalysisA note about our Camera IQ score: our scoring system is based on four “Pillars” sub-scores that can help tell a fuller story: Day, Night, Ultrawide, and Zoom photography. If you want to know more about how the score works, head to our Camera IQ benchmark page.A global camera score is clear and straightforward, but the pillars help tell a better story for those who want to have […]

iPhone 11 Pro Camera ReviewEditor's Pick
With the iPhone 11 Pro camera, Apple becomes competitive again and catches up to a full year of Ultrawide camera ubiquity at the Android high-end market.

iPhone 7 ReviewEditor's Pick
The iPhone celebrates its 10th year in 2017, and there’s no question that it is a huge force in the smartphone market. It is also more than half of Apple’s business, and as Apple’s flagship product, it competes at the highest level against a very strong Android competition.If you read this review, you are probably weighing if you should buy an iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus and assuming that […]

iPhone 6 Review
Apple caved into popular demand this year. Whereas its competitors (Android and Windows Phone) have long gone down the bigger display path, Apple’s been reluctant to go beyond 4-inch displays.Apple says it could have made a bigger iPhone years ago, but it waited so it could make the best bigger iPhone. Now that the iPhone 6 is here, is it really the best big iPhone, or even the best big-screened […]


iPad mini 2 Review
“Every inch an iPad” is how Apple marketed the original iPad mini (2012). That was mostly true. While the iPad mini (2012) did finally give consumers a smaller, more portable iPad, what they really got was essentially a miniaturized iPad 2 (2011). It didn’t have a Retina display and its processing power and gaming capabilities suffered because it was running on such old hardware. Not to mention, the iPad mini […]

iPad Air Review (2013)
Apple single-handedly created what we know to be the tablet category. Before the iPhone was even a darling of the world, Steve Jobs had a vision to create a tablet computer. Of course, as we all know now, Jobs decided to put what would eventually become the iPad on hold to launch the iPhone first.In 2010, riding on the success of the iPhone, Apple launched the iPad. It received mixed […]