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Dijit 2.6: TV Remote Control on iOS Now with Youtube
Dijit is the free iOS application that works with the Beacon from Griffin. The Beacon converts the Bluetooth signals of your iPhone into an infra-red signals used to control various audio-video (AV) devices, you will need to download the free Dijit app to remote control your TV, VCR, set-top box, sound system, media player…Today, Dijit 2.6 is available in the Apple app store and offers new cool features including the […]

Moby: Private Location Sharing App with Battery Life Optimization
Moby is Foursquare or Google Latitude for families: it is a totally private location-sharing service. Parents can see where their kids are (in real-time) on a map, and the alert button allows users to request help with a quick tap. The app will then send notifications to pre-determined contacts regarding the users’ location and need for assistance. This service is useful for coordinating friends or family meet-ups and for ensuring […]

Webcam Social Shopper: Augmented Reality Dressing Room
[DEMO Spring 2011] Webcam Social Shopper by Zugara is the second product launched at DEMO featuring a virtual fitting room using augmented reality, and this one won a DEMOgod Award. However, like many people I talked to at the conference, I think Swivel has a better rendering, offers more accessories choices and a better accuracy when it comes to fit a piece of clothing on the body. The added value […]

AboutOne: Family and Household Management Application
[DEMO 2011] allows busy people to manage their family activities, memories and finances under one roof. The press release states that AboutOne si geared towards moms but I can imagine dads could use it, just like moms, they have a family to take care of as well … From the home page (picture above, you can access several sections: address book, family, education, health and homes. The family section […]


FacePlant app makes it easier to carry out iPhone 4 video chats
As we saw our recent review, Facetime is bringing the fun to video calls because it works well enough, the quality is decent – if you find a WIFI hotspot. If you own an iPhone, it’s impossible to tell who has a FaceTime compatible device and who doesn’t. That’s where FacePlant comes in. The FacePlant app aims to make life easier since it shows users which of their contacts can […]

MightyMeeting: Share Presentations over iPhone and iPad
[DEMO Spring 2010] MightyMeeting launched its application for iPad at DEMO last week, it allows users to start or join Web meetings, show presentation and share content, directly from their mobile phones or their iPads. The MightyMeeting native application runs on the iPhone OS, so it can be used on an iPhone, iPodTouch and iPad, additionally, there is a lightweight HTML-only client that can be used from any device with […]

Buzzd: Free Location-based City Guide for BlackBerry
Buzzd is an online location-based city guide combined with a social network, and today its free downloadable application is available on BlackBerry App World. unveils its revamped desktop website, the design is touted to be reminiscent of Miami Vice, well, I am not sure about that but I like the look and feel. Using content from various providers such as CitySearch, Flavorpill, Time Out, MyOpenBar,, Clubvibes, and […]

Photo Finder: Killer Face Recognition Facebook App
What could better fit Facebook than a face recognition application developed by Facebook has recently become the first photo sharing website in the world, hosting over 15 billion photos and adding 850 million more each month; so, helping people retrieve photos of themselves and their friends makes perfect sense. Trying Photo Finder was also a fun and addictive activity, I almost forgot to write my article… I was amazed […]