Samsung ATIV Odyssey Makes Its Way Onto US Cellular

While Samsung is one of the players in the Windows Phone game, their devices have hardly been the most appealing, not to mention it is obvious that Samsung’s marketing budget for their ATIV lineup for Windows Phone devices is not as much compared to that of their Android products. Either way if you like Samsung perhaps for their brand, or maybe even their quality, you might be pleased to learn […]

Verizon Samsung Ativ Odyssey Arrives

It was yesterday where we reported that the Samsung Ativ Odyssey will be arriving at Verizon today, and true to their word, the mobile carrier has made available the Samsung Ativ Odyssey to the masses, offering yet another affordable Windows Phone 8 option to pick from. This is not the first, and neither is it the second, but rather, is the third Windows Phone 8 model within the company’s 4G […]

Samsung Ativ Odyssey Set For Verizon Debut Tomorrow

If the Windows Phone 8 device that you have set your eyes on and no other is the Samsung Ativ Odyssey, then we have good news for you – assuming you are fine with whatever carrier the smartphone is attached to, that is. In a nutshell, the Samsung Ativ Odyssey will be making its way to Verizon Wireless stores from tomorrow onwards, where it will cost you just $50 after […]

Samsung’s Windows Phone Efforts Are Apparently Being Stifled By Carriers

When it comes to Windows Phone devices, brands such as Nokia and HTC probably come to mind although in all fairness there are other manufacturers involved, such as Samsung with the ATIV Odyssey, but yet why is it we see more Windows Phone devices from Nokia and HTC and not Samsung? Could it be that Samsung might be more interested in Android and put in less effort in marketing Windows […]


Samsung ATIV Odyssey A Week From Release?

Better late than never, and while we are winding down the week here being Friday and all, here is some good cheer to lift your spirits if you have had a particularly difficult week, be it at work or at home. The Samsung ATIV Odyssey that is headed for Verizon is said to be just one week away from release, courtesy of the folks over at evLeaks who tend to […]

Samsung ATIV Odyssey Releasing On Verizon Wireless In Coming Weeks

[CES 2013] After Nokia showed the smartphone world what a dedicated phone manufacturer could do with the Windows 8 platform, a number of other manufacturers like HTC have been jumping on the Windows 8 bandwagon. One of the most popular Android-phone manufacturers, Samsung, has announced their throwing their hat into the Windows 8 ring with their first official device to run Microsoft’s mobile platform.Samsung’s ATIV Odyssey, which was leaked a few […]

Verizon could offer the Samsung ATIV Odyssey for free on contract

Verizon has a couple of Windows Phone devices lined up for the remainder of this year. This includes the Nokia Lumia 822, the HTC 8X and presumably the Samsung ATIV Odyssey whose press rendering what leaked not too long ago. We know that the 8X has been priced at $199, with the Lumia 822 at $99, but how much can consumers expect to pay for the ATIV Odyssey? In an […]

Samsung ATIV Odyssey press rendering leaked

The Samsung ATIV Odyssey for Verizon is expected to launch in December, but apart from the purported specs, we have yet to get an actual glimpse of the device, until now. The reliable folks at @evleaks have managed to get their hands on what looks like a leaked press rendering of the Samsung ATIV Odyssey for Verizon. There’s not much to say about the design since it doesn’t look all […]

Samsung ATIV Odyssey hits the FCC?

The Samsung SCH-i930, which could very well be the Samsung ATIV Odyssey, was caught going through the hallowed hallways of the FCC. Assuming that the Samsung SCH-i930 and the ATIV Odyssey are one and the same device, then you can be sure that Verizon Wireless subscribers who want to enjoy the Windows Phone 8 experience later this December will be able to do so, considering the device’s code number is […]

Samsung ATIV Odyssey to launch on Verizon’s network in December

If you’re a Verizon subscriber and you’re looking forward to seeing what sort of Windows Phone 8 devices the carrier could be offering, it looks like a Samsung-made Windows Phone 8 handset could be headed your way this December. The handset has been given the name “ATIV Odyssey” and surprisingly there was not much revealed about the handset. In fact as you can see in the image above, a placeholder […]