When it comes to Windows Phone devices, brands such as Nokia and HTC probably come to mind although in all fairness there are other manufacturers involved, such as Samsung with the ATIV Odyssey, but yet why is it we see more Windows Phone devices from Nokia and HTC and not Samsung? Could it be that Samsung might be more interested in Android and put in less effort in marketing Windows Phone? While that might be one possible side to the story, a recent report from The Korea Times has suggested that the reason why Samsung’s Windows Phone devices are as prominently marketed or displayed is because of carriers.

It seems that when it comes to Android devices, about 50% of a carrier’s Android portfolio belongs to Samsung and apparently carriers aren’t too comfortable with the idea of Samsung dominating both their Android and Windows Phone lineup. After all the more power Samsung gets, the company might try to negotiate a better deal that might put the carriers on the losing end. This combined with the prediction of analysts who indicated that Windows Phone could be on the rise, it is speculated that carriers are worried Samsung will begin pushing out more Windows Phone handsets which will then dominate their portfolio. In any case this is merely speculation for now and obviously no carrier will admit it if true, but what do you guys think? Is this a plausible scenario?

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