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Samsung ATIV S Windows Phone 8 GDR3 Update Being Rolled Out
The GDR3 update is the latest Windows Phone 8 update that brings a number of improvements and enhancements. This update has already been rolled out for a few WP8 devices, and now Samsung’s flagship device is finally receiving it. That’s right, Samsung ATIV S, which is the only flagship Windows Phone 8 device from the Korean manufacturer, is now receiving the WP8 GDR3 update.The biggest improvement that GDR3 brings is […]

Samsung ATIV S Hack Delivers 3 Column Live Tiles
Don’t you just love hacks? And by that, I mean it to be of the good kind, not the hacks that make life miserable for everyone in the case of identity theft. Well, here we are with word that some folks over at the XDA-Dev forum have had a fun time messing around with the Windows Phone operating system on the Samsung ATIV S, where they managed to introduce the […]

Samsung ATIV S Gets Custom ROM Released
If you have always had a mind to customize your Samsung ATIV S Windows Phone handset, then you might be pleased to hear that a custom ROM for said smartphone has been announced by the folks over at XDA Developers. Apparently, a particular developer who prefers to be known as “WOLF” has come up with this particular custom ROM that will not only unlock the device, but it will also […]

Samsung ATIV S Gets GDDR2 Windows Phone Update
What you see above is an alleged screenshot of an unlocked Samsung ATIV S smartphone, and what piqued our interest is this – it seems that there is an unlocked version of the Windows Phone 8-powered Samsung device going around that has already picked up the GDR2 Windows Phone 8 update. Just what does this GDR2 (for General Distribution Release 2) update bring to the table? Well, it is said […]


Samsung Receiving Visits By Top Microsoft And Google Executives
Go back half a decade or so and the only things you would think of when someone mentioned Samsung would be home appliances. Now the South Korean manufacturer’s name is synonymous with high-end smartphones, churning out hit after hit such as Galaxy S2, Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note etc. It is a force to be reckoned with in the global smartphone market. In recent times we have seen Samsung shift its reliance […]

Samsung ATIV S And HTC Tiara Could Be Sprint's Windows Phone Offerings
The other day Sprint launched a landing page for Windows Phone, suggesting that an announcement for the carrier’s upcoming Windows Phone devices could be around the corner. While an official announcement has yet to be made, The Verge has learned that the carrier will be offering at least two Windows Phone devices, although if their information is accurate, we’re not sure if these are devices worth getting that excited about. […]

Samsung ATIV S Review
This Samsung ATIV S Review looks at nearly all aspects of this smartphone, including its design, photography, performance and battery life.

Samsung ATIV S Availability At Clove, Expansys This December 14th
The rather elusive Samsung ATIV S (so far, anyways) has been blowing hot and cold on the radar of many folks, but most recently, it seems that December 14th is the set release date, as it has been caught being made available then for folks living in Canada thanks to Bell. Well, it seems that our neighbors living in the Great White North will not be the only ones to […]

Samsung ATIV S Gets December 14th Release Date?
The Samsung ATIV S was originally slated to be released sometime next year because of a delay, and then that statement was retracted as Samsung is ready to line up the ATIV S for a rollout before 2012 is over. In fact, it was just yesterday that we saw the Samsung ATIV S spotted in Austria, which lands the clearest hint just yet that this device will be experiencing a […]

Samsung ATIV S spotted in Austria, global rollout on the horizon?
We’re sure that there are some folks out there who are glad to hear that the Samsung ATIV S (read our ATIV S review) has not been delayed and that it should see a release before the year is out, but when exactly? There hasn’t been any announcements from Samsung yet, but it looks like the rollout of the ATIV S could be a quiet one. The handset was recently spotted […]

Samsung ATIV S Not Delayed After All?
Earlier in the morning, we brought you word that the Samsung ATIV S will be delayed to a February 2013 release, but it seems that later in the day, news broke that this might not be the case after all. According to Samsung as to whether rumors of a delay were true or not, the South Korean conglomerate mentioned that delivery for the ATIV S by the end of the […]

Samsung ATIV S reportedly delayed until February 2013
A couple of weeks ago we reported that the Samsung ATIV S was delayed to the last week of 2012, which we’re sure was disappointing news for Samsung fans looking to hop aboard the Windows Phone 8 bandwagon. Unfortunately according to the folks at SamMobile, they are now claiming that according to their insider sources, Samsung has delayed the ATIV S once again, but this time pushing it into early […]

Samsung ATIV S Delayed Again?
It seems that the first Windows Phone 8-powered handset from South Korean conglomerate, Samsung, has hit yet another snag – it has been delayed, at least according to the good people over at SamMobile. The anonymous source tipped them off that Samsung will start to ship the ATIV S from week 52 onwards – which would mean that it is the last week of the year, and that translates to […]

Samsung ATIV commercials start to appear
Samsung walks on the Windows side of things in the mobile and computing world with their ATIV range of devices, and the first (of probably many) ads have appeared in order to promote the collection of ATIV products. Some of these Windows-powered devices include the ATIV Tab, the ATIV Smart PC Pro which is powered by Windows RT and Windows 8, respectively, not to mention the ATIV S that runs […]

Samsung ATIV Odyssey to launch on Verizon's network in December
If you’re a Verizon subscriber and you’re looking forward to seeing what sort of Windows Phone 8 devices the carrier could be offering, it looks like a Samsung-made Windows Phone 8 handset could be headed your way this December. The handset has been given the name “ATIV Odyssey” and surprisingly there was not much revealed about the handset. In fact as you can see in the image above, a placeholder […]

Samsung ATIV S announced
Yesterday, we looked at the possibility of the ‘ATIV‘ name being used for devices from Samsung that ran on the Windows Phone 8 platform, and here we are today with the official word that Samsung had just introduced their first Windows Phone 8 device, calling it the Samsung ATIV S. This will (hopefully) be the first of many other Windows Phone 8-powered hardware, where Samsung claims it is “a superphone […]