Alphabet’s Atlas Robot Is More Human Than Ever Before

The Atlas robot is definitely no stranger to us, as it has made quite a fair number of appearances over the years, including demonstrating the Karate Kid kick. However, despite being primed for military use by the Pentagon, it looks like the Atlas robot might have a role to play as a robotic butler. This time around, we have word that the Atlas humanoid robot is now more human than […]

Atlas Humanoid Robot Might End Up As Robotic Butler

It was in April last year that the Pentagon showed off their spanking new Atlas robot, which might very well change the way that wars are fought on the battlefield. However, is there a possibility of transforming machines which are meant to help other footsoldiers out during war to also be useful when peace abounds? Perhaps, as you can see in the video of Atlas in action above.

Atlas Robot Does The Karate Kid Kick

Robots – the latest frontier that could very well usher in a new age of war, especially if they happen to gain sentience in this lifetime of ours, mobilizing the robotic world to turn against us humans. Now that’s a scary thought, although it does not look as though the field of Artificial Intelligence has gone down such a path yet. Well, if that happens, perhaps we might want to […]

Pentagon Shows Off Atlas Robot

U.S. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel was treated to a firsthand look at a life-size robot known as Atlas earlier this week, where it has been deemed to be the most recent experiment by the Pentagon’s high-tech researchers. We first talked about Atlas last year, only to have it undergo an inglorious debut as it broke its ankle in October 2013. Well, thankfully the Atlas robot did not experience any snafus […]