The Atlas robot is definitely no stranger to us, as it has made quite a fair number of appearances over the years, including demonstrating the Karate Kid kick. However, despite being primed for military use by the Pentagon, it looks like the Atlas robot might have a role to play as a robotic butler. This time around, we have word that the Atlas humanoid robot is now more human than ever before in its latest iteration.

This is a humanoid robot created by Alphabet – indirectly, as Alphabet company Boston Dynamics are the ones behind it. The latest version of Atlas is smaller than its predecessor, hence allowing it to be more nimble than ever before. Do bear in mind that smaller here is relative – it still stands pretty tall at 5-feet, 9-inches tall and tips the scales at 180 pounds, which would mean it is pretty terrifying by itself. Being fully mobile this tme around, it is no longer tethered to a computer.

Atlas now has a better brain thanks to seven computer research teams worldwide who worked to develop the relevant software. Atlas can get knocked down, but it picks itself up pretty easily through a push up, and we simply cannot wait to see how Atlas will be deployed – and when.

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