ShutterBall Helps You Take Just The Right Selfie With Your iPhone

Now that the word selfie has been added to the Oxford Dictionaries , it seems everyone is getting in on the craze as we’re sure many of you have attempted to take your own photo at least once in your life. If you have, then you also know just how difficult it can be to get just the right angle, that’s why Audiovox’s ShutterBall just might be the thing you […]

Audiovox Seatback solutions to chase away boredom

[CES 2012] Audiovox knows that there is nothing more irritating at times when driving than to have a backseat driver, so to keep both parties happy, they have rolled out their new range of Seatback solutions that are part of the rear seat entertainment (RSE) line. Known as the Advent Seatback Solutions, they will integrate seamlessly into the vehicle and operate on select models from Lexus, Mercedes, Kia, Hyundai, Dodge, […]

Audiovox brings Blu-ray to the road

Audiovox intends to bring high definition entertainment to the road with their latest automotive Blu-ray player, the AVDBR1. Out later this spring for $349, the AVDBR1 will usher in a new era of in-car entertainment by offering HDMI, composite and component video connectivity, although viewing 1080p video on a 4″ or even 7″ display isn’t going to do much for the eyes, but at least you do give those Blu-ray […]

Audiovox ready to ship Blu-ray player for vehicles

CES 2011 is not here just yet, as it is a couple of months away, but that doesn’t mean companies cannot tease you with upcoming offerings, right? Audiovox has introduced their latest Blu-ray player for cars, shipping the $349 device sometime in July next year. This device also picked up a CES Innovations award, where it will target families who own large libraries of Blu-ray discs and want to watch […]


Audiovox VOD10PS2 Mobile Video PlayStation 2 rear-seat entertainment system

Audiovox offers previous generation console gaming in your vehicle with the VOD10PS2 Mobile Video PlayStation 2 rear-seat entertainment system. This bundle will integrate the PS2 system into the overhead console, where your little ones will be entertained by a 10.2″ drop-down monitor at 16:9 aspect ration, complete with a dome light and hidden wires post-installation. Heck, you can even enjoy multiplayer gaming thanks to the two wireless game controllers that […]