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KFC China Uses Facial Recognition To Make Food Recommendations
Have you ever looked at someone’s face and thought to yourself, “Yea, that person looks like they would enjoy a 2 piece chicken combo, with a side of coleslaw, and an iced lemon tea,”? We’re pretty sure that there isn’t a relation between how someone looks and what they like to eat, but apparently that’s what Baidu and KFC in China are trying to do.

BMW & Baidu End Joint Research On Self-Driving Cars
Not all partnerships last forever, which is why it doesn’t really come as a complete surprise to learn that BMW and Baidu’s partnership on self-driving car research has come to an end, according to a report from Reuters in which both companies have confirmed that the partnership has indeed ended.

Baidu Self-Driving Cars Now Being Tested On Public Roads In China
Google isn’t the only internet search giant that’s working on self-driving cars. China’s Baidu – often referred to as the Google of China – is also developing self-driving cars. The company has now started testing its autonomous cars on public roads in the People’s Republic. It’s running public tests with actual passengers on board. The tests have already transported more than 200 people in a 2 mile stretch of road […]

Baidu Will Now Test Self-Driving Cars In Google's Backyard
You don’t “Google it” in China, you “Baidu it.” Baidu’s search engine reigns supreme in China and like Google, its products and services are not just limited to online search. The company has also been working on self-driving cars and today it confirmed that it will soon be testing its self-driving cars in Google’s backyard.


Baidu Will Test Its Self-Driving Cars In The United States
Some of the biggest tech companies around the world are working on autonomous car technology as many of them hope to launch a commercial model before 2020. Baidu, often referred to as the Google of China, is working on its very own self-driving car and the company is going to test its technology in the United States.

Baidu Wants To Roll Out Self-Driving Buses In Three Years
Baidu is often referred to as China’s Google, not only because it happens to be the most widely used search engine in the People’s Republic, but because it’s doing some of the things that Google is also doing, like working on self-driving cars. It was only a few days ago when we got our first look at Baidu’s self-driving car, and now the company has revealed that it actually aims […]

Baidu’s Self-Driving Car Completes Full Driverless Test
It is no secret that self-driving cars are something that companies such as Google are working on, and for the most part it almost looks like Western companies are the only ones who have attempted such vehicles. However as you might recall, China’s Baidu expressed similar interest of their own last year.Recently it would also seem that the company has been successfully testing their vehicles because according to the latest […]

Microsoft And Baidu Agree To Search Pact
Software giant Microsoft has come to an agreement with Chinese search giant Baidu Inc., where both companies have put to ink an agreement that would see end up as the default search engine as well as home page for Web surfers in China who happen to be using the Microsoft Edge browser on their machines. Do bear in mind that the Microsoft Edge browser comes with Windows 10, and […]

Chinese Search Giant Baidu Unveils Voice Assistant App
At the moment each of the major smartphone operating systems has their own voice assistant. Apple has Siri, Google has Google Now, and Microsoft has Cortana. The advantages to these voice assistant features is that they’re all baked into the operating system itself, meaning that it can cover a variety of apps and functions easily.However it seems that Chinese search giant Baidu plans on competing with these voice assistant apps. […]

Baidu CEO Claims They Are Still Interested In Nokia’s Here Maps
Nokia’s Here mapping technology has been gaining a lot of attention recently, thanks to a number of high-profile companies who are reportedly interested in buying it. There have been reports that Chinese company Baidu is interested in the company, although last we heard German carmakers are apparently close to signing a deal.That being said, this has not deterred Baidu one bit. Speaking to the folks at Re/code, Baidu’s CEO Robin […]

Baidu’s BMW Self-Driving Cars Could Launch End Of The Year
Smart driving cars appears to be the way of the future, or at least that’s what many carmakers are speculating as more of them are starting to develop the technology themselves. Now it seems that over in China, we might have a new player in the form of Baidu who has recently announced that they will be launching their own self-driving car by the end of the year.Baidu and BMW […]

Baidu Shows Off Their Android-based Smartwatch OS
It is no surprise that China does not particularly like Google, so much so that they’ve replaced many of Google’s products and services with their own, such as Baidu which is used to replace Google Search. Now it looks like Baidu wants in on the wearables game but instead of going the Android Wear route, they have decided to launch their own.Ironically enough Baidu’s own smartwatch platform is based on […]

Baidu And Nokia Agree To Have HERE Power Its Map Services
I am quite sure that many of us are familiar with HERE, which so happens to be the mapping brand from Nokia that makes it a snap to find your way around without having to rely on a data connection since whatever has been pre-loaded earlier on stays there, making it useful whenever you head out in a foreign country and would not want to be greeted by any form […]

Baidu Reportedly Invests $600 Million Into Uber
Since Google isn’t allowed in China, Chinese developers have taken the opportunity to launch their own search engine services, such as Baidu which can be largely considered China’s Google equivalent. That being said, it seems that Baidu is interested in more than search as a recent report has revealed Baidu’s plans to invest into Uber.The report claims that Baidu is set to invest as much as a whopping $600 million […]