It has been quite some time since Google Glass was announced though it is not yet available for the general public. This fantastic innovation in wearable technology is still under development. That said, apparently its rival is also being developed at the same time. Baidu, which is China’s homegrown and biggest search engine, is working on its own wearable technology. There’s a prototype out there called Baidu Eye. It is being said that Baidu Eye will have an open platform for developers, which is exactly what Google Glass will offer. It also has an LCD display, bone sensing and image recognition through voice. The technology is strikingly similar to what Google Glass brings to the table.

Baidu Eye will reportedly allow its users to do a lot of tasks that are similar to what we’ve seen in Google Glass demos. This includes searching the web, making calls and sending pictures. The company is said to be working with Qualcomm to ensure that Eye offers 12 hours of battery life to its users. Both Baidu and Qualcomm have yet to comment. Now wouldn’t it be ironic if Baidu Eye beats Google Glass to the market?

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