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RIM to launch BlackBerry music service? (updated)
While RIM’s BlackBerry market share might be on its way downhill, it’s not too late for RIM to make amends while it still can. In order to capture a larger market beyond the enterprise sector it’s so familiar with, it looks like the company is going to take some drastic measures to appeal to a wider audience. CNET has reported that according to its sources, RIM will be launching a […]

BlackBerry Bold 9930 splashes on Verizon website
Verizon Wireless takes the understated route this time around with the BlackBerry Bold 9930, having put up the new smartphone without much fanfare at all. It will retail for a rather expensive $249.99, where it is accompanied by a 2-year contract. If you prefer to retain your freedom and not get stuck to any contract with this purchase, then you will have to fork out $509.99 for it outright sans […]

BlackBerry Torch 2 to see AT&T stores next month?
Oh, how the mighty have fallen! Research In Motion (RIM) seem to be on the same boat as that of Nokia, seeing their respective market shares being cannibalized by the growing army of Android smartphone owners, in addition to the hugely popular iPhone from Apple. Well, innovate or perish in this industry, and we do hope that RIM will be able to pull something magical out of their hat after […]

Indonesia orders RIM to block porn on BlackBerrys
Research In Motion (RIM), the company behind the hugely successful BlackBerry, has been asked by the Indonesian government to block pornography websites on their BlackBerry services in that part of the world. The world’s largest Muslim population, should RIM fulfil this demand by January 21st, won’t be able to access porn sites from then onwards. If RIM fails to do so, they will face legal action including revocation, according to […]


DIY BB Gun Will Have Your Room Mate Begging For Mercy
Can’t figure out how to get back at your room mate for stealing the cookies? Perhaps a powerful DIY BB gun might be able to do the trick. Someone out there apparently got bored and decided to come up with a BB gun using an air compressor, fitting a one way valve that blocks air from the firing chamber but allows air in the other direction to rapidly propel ammo […]

BlackBerry Tablet will not be announced by RIM today
It has been confirmed that today’s keynote by Mike Lazaridis will focus on the next generation tablet OS platform, which would mean there won’t be any hardware released for shutterbugs to go nuts over. While it is possible that a shot of the hardware might just make it out on a slide during the presentation, everything else is still under wraps. Apart from that, there are whispers of the tablet […]

BlackBerry Storm 3 leak debunked?
Now this is pretty fast – remember the BlackBerry Storm 3 photo that was considered to be a leak late yesterday? Guess what, it isn’t really the actual deal. After all, multiple sources have challenge the claim of what the BlackBerry Storm 3 looks like in the leak, but rather diplomatically claims it is a modest upgrade at the most. The good people over at BGR were informed that it […]

Saudi Arabia gives BlackBerry services the green light
It seems that all of the hoo haa concerning the potential ban of BlackBerry services in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia has all come to nothing, as the country’s telecommunications regulator has revealed that it will enable BlackBerry services to run normally – for now, at least. According to the Communications and Information Technology Commission (CITC), there had been “positive developments” in its talks with Research in Motion (RIM), the […]

BlackBerry Tour 9630 gets OS leak
If you happen to own a BlackBerry Tour 9630 and are feeling a little bit more adventurous compared to other smartphone owners, why not give the OS leak a go? After all, this is not an official release, so the chances of things running awry is much higher than that of Iraq carrying WMDs all those years back. Installation of this OS leak is done at your own peril, […]