Verizon Wireless takes the understated route this time around with the BlackBerry Bold 9930, having put up the new smartphone without much fanfare at all. It will retail for a rather expensive $249.99, where it is accompanied by a 2-year contract. If you prefer to retain your freedom and not get stuck to any contract with this purchase, then you will have to fork out $509.99 for it outright sans contract. There are whispers going around that you can get the BlackBerry Bold 9930 for a more pocket-friendly $199.99 as long as you choose on the right customer-specific upgrade pricing.

Just what does the BlackBerry Bold 9930 has that would make you sit up and take notice? How about a generous 640 × 480 resolution touchscreen display to kick things off, followed by a 1.2GHz Snapdragon processor, world-phone capabilities, and a 0.41″ depth which makes it an extremely thin and delectable smartphone that you won’t mind having?

As with many other newer BlackBerry releases, this model will sport the latest BlackBerry OS 7 to keep it up with the Joneses. Anyone ready to prise open their wallet to bring home the Bold 9930?

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