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Apple May Launch More Radio Stations Like Beats 1
According to a new report Apple’s licensing deals with record labels allow the company to launch up to five additional radio stations similar to Beats 1, this would allow the company to launch radio stations focusing on specific genres or geographical locations. It could staff those radio stations with DJs much more popular in certain regions. It could do all of that without having to renegotiate terms with record labels.

Rdio Adds More Curated Stations To Combat Apple’s Beats 1
Apple has recently launched its Apple Music service along with a curated radio station— Beats 1, which is garnering a lot of attention from the rival services such as Spotify and Rdio. In order to combat Apple Music’s growing popularity, Rdio has come up with more and more curated stations that offer better individual-selected tunes.

Dr. Dre Gets His Own Show On Beats 1
Internet radio is an integral component of the Apple Music experience and the company is working hard to ensure that its internet radio offering is better than anything else that’s available in the market today. That’s why it has picked up some of the biggest names from the radio industry and paired them up with A-list artists to offer an experience unlike any other. Dr. Dre is going to be a part of […]

Stream Beats 1 On Android Unofficially Before App Arrives
Yesterday Apple released iOS 8.4 and with it launched Apple Music. The new music streaming service is aided by a revamped internet radio service which also went live, the first worldwide internet radio station is now live for users on iOS, OS X and Windows. Apple has promised that an Apple Music app for Android will be available later this year but if you just can’t wait to hear the tunes […]


Beats 1 Radio Broadcast Begins June 30th At 9 AM PT
 Apple announced its new music streaming service called Apple Music at the Worldwide Developers Conference earlier this month and back then it revealed that its first 24-hour live internet radio station titled Beats 1 will start broadcasting on the very same day that Apple Music is launched. Now we have some specific information regarding the start of that radio station, Beats 1 will start broadcasting on June 30th at 9 AM […]