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BlackBerry Q20 Will Be Officially Known As The BlackBerry Classic
During MWC 2014, BlackBerry unveiled two handsets, the BlackBerry Z3 and the BlackBerry Q20. Given the way BlackBerry has been naming their handsets, we guess we’re all pretty much used to referring to them by their name and model number, but apparently for the BlackBerry Q20, BlackBerry’s CEO John Chen decided to remind everyone that the handset will actually be named as the BlackBerry Classic.Now Chen has tossed that name […]

BlackBerry Q20 Will Not Be Making An Early Appearance
During MWC 2014, BlackBerry announced two handsets, the BlackBerry Z3 and the BlackBerry Q20. If anything, the BlackBerry Z3 sounds like a more modern handset with full touchscreen capabilities, while the BlackBerry Q20 reminded us more of the Bold 9900 rather than the BlackBerry Q10.However we’re basing this on what BlackBerry’s CEO, John Chen, said about the device, like how it would come with an integrated trackpad and feature a […]

Concept Image Shows What The BlackBerry Q30/Q20 Could Look Like
Back in 2013, it was rumored that BlackBerry had more phones up their sleeves, with one of them being the BlackBerry Q30. Then there were reports that BlackBerry’s planned phones were cancelled, and at MWC 2014, we were treated to both the BlackBerry Z3, a full touchscreen smartphone destined for Indonesia, and the BlackBerry Q20, a phone designed for old school BlackBerry users in mind.In any case according to a […]

Prem Watsa To Convince John Chen To Unveil The BlackBerry Q20 Next Month
The BlackBerry Q20 is one of the few phones that BlackBerry shared at MWC 2014. Unfortunately it seems that for whatever reason, BlackBerry only plans on releasing them in September/October, meaning that BlackBerry users have a fair bit of waiting ahead of them.However it seems that Prem Watsa, CEO of Fairfax who is the company that gave BlackBerry its financial injection, is trying to convince BlackBerry’s CEO, John Chen, to […]


BlackBerry Q20 Could See September/October Release
During MWC 2014, BlackBerry announced two new devices – the BlackBerry Z3 which would be headed to Indonesia and was the result of BlackBerry’s partnership with Foxconn, and the BlackBerry Q20 which is a BlackBerry phone with a physical keyboard and integrated trackpad, a hark back to the glory days of the Canadian company.Unfortunately not much was known about the Q20 besides its integrated trackpad design, meaning that in terms […]

Expect More BlackBerry Q20 "Classic" Handsets Down The Road
Earlier at MWC 2014 in the week, BlackBerry announced a couple of new handsets, one of them was the interesting sounding BlackBerry Q20, which based on what we know so far, sounds like BlackBerry is trying to revive the glory days, and to be honest it the handset sounds very much like the BlackBerry Bold 9900 with BlackBerry 10 running on it.That being said, it sounds like BlackBerry might be […]

BlackBerry Q20 Will Be Compatible With Q5 & Q10 Apps
Just yesterday BlackBerry announced the BlackBerry Q20. A full list of hardware specifications was not revealed, nor its design, but according to BlackBerry, it would sport a 3.5-inch display and would feature the familiar “tool belt” of physical buttons above the keyboard which would also include a trackpad.Given that other BlackBerry Q-series handsets, like the BlackBerry Q5 and the BlackBerry Q10 do not feature that tool belt of keys, how […]

BlackBerry Q20 Announced With Integrated Trackpad
One of the more unique features of older BlackBerry devices like the BlackBerry Bold 9900 is that it came with a track embedded into the center button. It was a clever design as it allowed users to quickly scroll through websites, photos, messages, and emails at a flick of their finger/thumb, almost like how you would scroll on a touchscreen phone.According to the rumors, BlackBerry would be reintroducing the trackpad […]