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BlackBerry Tempting iPhone Users With Trade-In Program
Despite the BlackBerry Passport sporting a somewhat unusual design in terms of its dimensions, it managed to sell out pretty quickly and based on reviews of the device so far, many users appear to be quite happy with it. Now if you have been swayed by the reviews and are thinking of getting one, BlackBerry is trying to make it more affordable for you.No, they will not be discounting the […]

BlackBerry Passport In Red And White Now Available For Pre-Order
Taking one look at the BlackBerry Passport is enough to make you realize that the company really did think out of the box for this device. The square-shaped device with its full QWERTY keyboard, that doubles as a trackpad, has been available for purchase since September but only in black color. We knew that this smartphone will be released in red and white colors as well, those who have been […]

BlackBerry Rio High-End All Touch Device Rumored
BlackBerry’s revised roadmap for 2014 doesn’t include any more devices. The low-end Z3 it launched a few months back has performed well in emerging markets. In September the company followed up with the high-end BlackBerry Passport which is actually exceeding expectations as far as sales are concerned. In a few weeks time the Classic will also go on sale, a $450 device aimed at BB loyalists. What’s next for the company? Apparently […]

BlackBerry Classic Navigation Demonstrated on Video
Earlier this year BlackBerry made it quite clear that it will only release two high-end devices in 2014. One of them is already out. The BlackBerry Passport was released nearly two months back and it has performed well in the market, better than even the company expected. Now all eyes are on the BlackBerry Classic which the company hopes will appease old loyalists that have moved away from the company […]


Red BlackBerry Passport To Be Available In Limited Quantities From Tomorrow
It was at today’s BlackBerry for enterprise event where BlackBerry CEO John Chen took the opportunity to make mention of a new color variant for the BlackBerry Passport, where it will arrive in a shade of red. It was originally expected to arrive in the market for the masses some time during Christmas (which would make this striking color all the more apt), but it seems that there will be […]

BlackBerry Classic Pre-orders Open
Earlier this morning, we did talk about how BlackBerry World had a promotional advertisement for the upcoming BlackBerry Classic, and as the name of this particular smartphone suggests, it points to a throwback to the earlier days of BlackBerry where they were in control of the smartphone business, and not merely trying to “survive”. Well, we are glad to bring you word that pre-orders for this particular smartphone is now […]

BlackBerry Launches BBM Meetings
We had been hearing rumors that BlackBerry was working on a conferencing solution for both mobile and desktop, which would feature video and voice conferencing solutions. Today at its enterprise focused event the Canadian company has finally made the announcement. BlackBerry calls it BBM Meetings and claims that it will enhance the productivity of mobile platforms while reducing the operating cost for the enterprise.

BlackBerry And Samsung Team Up To Enhance Android Security For Enterprise
BlackBerry is conducting an event today where it is going to unveil its vision for the enterprise. The company is also expected to unveil the much awaited BlackBerry Classic smartphone which it believes will appease some of its core users that just want a QWERTY keyboard and the action key belt. At the event BlackBerry also announced a partnership with an unlikely partner: Samsung. The two are going to join forces […]

BlackBerry World Promotes BlackBerry Classic
BlackBerry World happens to be a place where many BlackBerry users happen to check out – some on a more religious basis than the rest, frequently, hence it is not surprising at all to hear that the company would decide to use BlackBerry World as a platform to put up information concerning the new BlackBerry Classic that is about to be released in due time.

BlackBerry CEO Meets Up With Lenovo, HTC, Xiaomi Execs, Plots Growth In China
BlackBerry’s CEO John Chen recently spoke about how the company has managed to survive, which is why their focus is now aimed towards growth, and what better market to grow in other than China with its huge population and its developing economy, right? Well it seems that BlackBerry does have plans for the country, but they will be needing some help.Attending the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation CEO Summit in Beijing, Chen […]

Having "Survived," BlackBerry Now Looking At Growth
Things weren’t looking too good for BlackBerry last year. The company decided to put itself up for sale but there was thin interest from potential suitors. It wrote down inventory worth billions because the Q10 and Z10 didn’t perform as well as the company would have wanted. Late last year BlackBerry received a billion-dollar cash injection which brought about change in the top management. Under new CEO John Chen the […]

BlackBerry Passport In Red And White May Go On Sale Around Christmas
BlackBerry’s latest flagship smartphone appears to be doing quite well in the market, it has been a long time since anyone has said that about a smartphone made by this Canadian manufacturer. Over 200,000 units were sold on the first day after launch alone with more following suit. BlackBerry CEO John Chen was actually relieved that the company was having trouble keeping up with demand because it certainly exceeded their […]

BlackBerry Passport Survives 20ft Drop In Extreme Test
It has been a while since a BlackBerry device has made waves but the Passport is changing that. Released last month the device quickly sold out after it became available. BlackBerry is actually have trouble meeting demand, which is something the company hasn’t experienced in a long time. The Passport is getting in the press for a variety of reasons including its incredible build quality. A new extreme drop test […]

BBM Updated With Timed Messages And Message Retraction
A couple of weeks ago, it was revealed that BlackBerry would be updating BBM with new features and sure enough it looks like those new features are starting to roll out. In case you missed our earlier report, the new features of BBM includes some Snapchat-like features, which is called Timed Messages on BBM.Timed Messages will act like Snapchat’s self-destructing messages where after a certain amount of time, the messages […]