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HTC Exodus 1s Will Be A Cheaper Blockchain Phone
HTC has already confirmed that it’s going to release a second blockchain smartphone to follow the Exodus. The company has now revealed some additional information about this device. The Exodus 1s will be a cheaper version of its Exodus flagship blockchain smartphone which was launched last year.

HTC Confirms Second Blockchain Phone Is In Development
HTC may not make a lot of smartphones these days but the company did make its first blockchain smartphone, named Exodus, last year. The company has now revealed that it’s working on the successor to its first blockchain smartphone. It will presumably be released later this year.

Samsung May Be Developing A 'Blockchain Wallet'
There have been a few reports about the Galaxy S10 having some sort of blockchain-related functionality. Some believe that the company will allow for cold storage of cryptocurrencies on the device and even let users make transactions. So it’s not surprising to hear now that it may be developing a “Blockchain Wallet” app.

West Virginia To Allow Mobile Phone Voting For Midterm Elections
West Virginia will become the first state to allow residents to use their mobile phones to cast federal election ballots in the upcoming midterm elections. There’s a catch, though. This will only be limited to West Virginians that are serving overseas. They will be the first residents in the country to cast federal election ballots through a smartphone app. This has been done to make participation easier for troops stationed […]


HTC To Launch 'Exodus' Blockchain Smartphone This Fall
HTC confirmed in May this year that it was developing a blockchain smartphone. The company has now revealed some more information about the device. HTC says that its blockchain smartphone is called Exodus and that it’s going to be released in the third quarter of this year. It has put up a website where those who are interested can sign up to receive more information as and when it becomes […]

Facebook Has Quietly Set Up A Blockchain Division
According to a new report, Facebook has gone ahead with its biggest executive shakeup in the company’s 15-year history this week and has appointed new heads for WhatsApp, Messenger, and the main Facebook app. Other longtime executives have been given additional responsibilities one of which includes heading a new blockchain division that the company has quietly set up.

Samsung Might Adopt Blockchain As Well
Blockchain was undoubtedly the buzzword of 2017 and despite all of the negativity attached to it due to cryptocurrency scams, the underlying technology does have great potential in a wide variety of fields. As companies like Huawei are likely developing smartphones capable of running blockchain apps, Samsung isn’t taking that step just yet, but it may decide to adopt the blockchain technology for something else entirely.

Foxconn To Manufacture Sirin Labs' $1,000 Blockchain Phone
Sirin Labs unveiled its blockchain smartphone in September last year. The Finney smartphone will be able to function on the blockchain, allowing users to access built-in resource-sharing capabilities to spend tokens. The handset will also function as a secure wallet for cryptocurrency cold-storage to ensure that users’ digital currency remains safe. Sirin Labs’ has now found a manufacturer to mass produce this handset and it happens to be Foxconn, one […]

Huawei Developing Blockchain Smartphone
Huawei has been one of the fastest growing mobile vendors in the world over the past few years and the company is now said to be working on a new smartphone that will appeal to those interested in blockchain technology. According to a new report, Huawei is developing a smartphone which will be capable of running blockchain-based apps.

Singapore Airlines Launching Blockchain Frequent Flyer Digital Wallet
Consistently regarded as one of the best airlines in the world, Singapore Airlines has announced that it’s going to launch the world’s first blockchain-based digital loyalty wallet for frequent flyers in a bid to expand its retail relationships. The airline’s KrisFlyer frequent-flyer programme will launch the blockchain-based airline loyalty digital wallet to enable users to spend their KrisFlyer miles for everyday purchases.