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Tumblr Mobile Apps Will Now Display Ads
Tumblr, originally founded in 2007, has really cemented its place online over the past couple of years. Back in December last year Tumblr became one of the top search terms on Google surpassing the keyword “blog,” which has always been one of the highest ranking terms on this search engine. Earlier this year it announced some pretty amazing numbers, the service now hosts over 100 million blogs and more than 44.6 billion posts. […]

Tumblr Is One Of Top Search Terms On Google
Given a choice between the word “Tumblr” and “blog”, just which of the two would you think would have generated more search instances on Google? Perhaps blogs are in a decline, but we do know that there is still life in them yet, although you might be surprised to find out that “Tumblr” has surpassed “blog” as one of the most searched terms on Google for this year.The first time […]

Blogger's new Dynamic Views is hip and fresh
Tired of how boring your current Blogger blog looks like? Wish you had cool fancy layouts like what everyone seems to be using on sites like Tumblr? Well, Google has got some good news for you. The company has just unveiled new Dynamic Views for its Blogger service which lets users change the way their blog looks with the click of a button. No need for recoding or modifying the […]

Official Blogger app for iOS released
After being deprived from having an official Blogger app for so long, it looks like the app has finally made its way over to the iOS platform. Google announced on its blog today that the official Blogger app is now available for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Users can now keep their Blogger blogs updated no matter where they are – be it at home in front of their […]


Magnifier is Google Music's new music blog service
There hasn’t been much waves by Google Music these days, much like Google+ there was a frenzy of news surrounding Google’s new music service, but it seems to have died down a bit. Perhaps in an attempt to bring the focus back onto their music service, Google has launched a new music blog service in which Tim Quirk, head of music programming, has described it as “Music Beta’s cousin”.

WordPress Now Offering Custom Designs
Blogging is a growing trend and there are many out there with personalized domains but exactly how many of us out there actually know how to tweak and create a layout for ourselves without having to resort to pay a designer hundreds of dollars or go through several computing manuals to get where we want it to be? For those who are uninitiated to the world of HTML and CSS […]

WordPress 3.2 Release Candidate now available
Automattic has just announced that WordPress 3.2 Release Candidate is now available. This is the step after the beta period and before the final release of the update to the general public. For all you bloggers who can’t wait to get the latest version of the blogging platform, here’s your chance to be on 3.2 before the rest of your friends. Of course, don’t use it for your main blog […]

Blogger is back
After over 20 hours of downtime, Blogger, Google’s popular blogging service is now back up. Earlier today (yesterday for some of you folks), Blogger was taken offline due to reports of bloggers and readers not being able to access blogs or publish posts. Google traced the source of the problem back to their scheduled maintenance that they had on Wednesday night – something went wrong and data got corrupted, which […]

Official blogger app released for Android
It’s taken awhile, but it’s finally here. Google has just released the official Blogger app for the Android operating system. Using the app you can now post up entries on one of the world’s most popular blogging services. Here are some of the main features of the Blogger app: support for multiple accounts and blogs, an offline mode so you can write posts on your phone first, and publish them […]

Saudi Arabians Will Soon Need To Register Their Blogs With The Govt
While most of us have personal or work-related blogs, it’s easy to take it all for granted, now word is going around that a Saudi Information and Culture Ministry spokesperson has announced that all Saudi Arabian web publishers and online media (including blogs and forums) will need to be officially registered with the government. The move is claimed to reduce libel and defamation and isn’t intended to limit freedom of speech, […]

Blippy Accidentally Reveals Your Credit Card Numbers On Google
You might not have heard of Blippy before this, but after today, you can be sure that it’s a name that you’ll remember, albeit probably for the wrong reasons. The site is supposed to be a “fun and easy way to see and discuss what everyone else is buying”. That’s just fine in concept, but it seems that the company accidentally let loose a whole bunch of its users’ credit […]