Blogging is a growing trend and there are many out there with personalized domains but exactly how many of us out there actually know how to tweak and create a layout for ourselves without having to resort to pay a designer hundreds of dollars or go through several computing manuals to get where we want it to be? For those who are uninitiated to the world of HTML and CSS coding, fret not because if your blog is being hosted on the website, for just $30 a year you will be able to tweak and customize your layout to your own style with little to no technical knowledge.

Granted it’s perhaps not the most powerful editing tool out there and chances are you won’t be winning blog design awards any time soon but it does offer more customizability than what is currently being offered by WordPress. The Custom Design feature basically allows you to edit two things in your website – fonts and custom CSS. Through the fonts you will be able to select a series of fonts to be used in your site title, headings and body text. Custom CSS allows you to edit the CSS which affects the theme of the website and if you’re unclear WordPress has a supporting forum where you can pose questions to experts to help get your code up and running.

For more information just head on down to WordPress’s website. $30 a year for these added little features isn’t that expensive but perhaps spending that $30 towards a book on CSS and HTML might just be more worth it.

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