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Blogger Gets 20 Year Prison Sentence For Fatally Poisoning Son
It would not be too far fetched to say that bloggers are nice people – most of them are, anyway, and as with any other group, there will always be several bad apples in the barrel. Well, for the world of bloggers, one of such bad apples stand out like a sore thumb – 27 year old Lacey Spears who actually poisoned her 5 year old son to death. She […]

Google U-Turns On Blogger Ban For Sexually Explicit Content
Earlier this week, we did bring you word that Google had outlined plans to implement wholesale changes to their Blogger adult content policy – which would include banning such content. No doubt this decision met with a certain amount of resistance, and it seems that there has been enough uproar raised for Google to perform a rather hasty U-turn on the situation.

Google No Longer Allows Sexually Explicit Content On Blogger
Blogger is a popular, and free, blogging platform owned by Google. It was one of the few platforms that were used for hosting sexually explicit content since Google didn’t stop users from doing so, Tumblr is another popular venue for such content, but now Google is changing its position. Starting next month the company will no longer allow sexually explicit content on websites that are hosted on Blogger.

Google Blogger For Android Updated
Blogger for Android updated to cater for tablet toting folks.


Google+ Comments Can Now Be Added To Blogger Based Websites
It looks like Google is wandering in to Facebook territory, the latter has a comments system that websites owners can add, now the internet search giant has brought over Google+ comments for Blogger based websites. It seems as if Google is just testing the waters, perhaps in the near future they might allow platforms other than Blogger or WordPress to integrate Google+ comments as well. This new comments feature can be activated […]

Blogger updates signup process
Google has just updated their own Blogger service’s signup process, where you can attach your Google+ profile to it. This rollout was a rather quiet one, where there is not much fanfare surrounding it. While the older sign-up process required you to sign-up for each of the services through the manual way, and Google’s streamlining process allows new users to be immediately equipped with a Gmail and Google+ account, the […]

Blogger Wins Suit against Apple; Defective MacBook Pro
Awhile back Seattle Rex had put everything down on a 17” MacBook Pro. He spent $4,500 on what was the best machine at the time. With the inclusion of Apple Care, the device cost $5,100. Unfortunately for him, that particular MacBook Pro which he received was defective. The Nvidia graphics processor on his laptop began to show signs of the defect shortly after his AppleCare expired and after a few […]

Google introduces +1 and Google+ widgets to its Blogger platform
A while back there were reports that Google was attempting to integrate its own social network, Google+, into its products and services, such as YouTube. Now it looks like Google has extended the same integration to their Blogger platform and has recently announced two widgets that allows Blogger users to add a +1 button and a Google+ badge directly onto their website.The widgets have been added to the users’ Blogger […]

Blogger's new Dynamic Views is hip and fresh
Tired of how boring your current Blogger blog looks like? Wish you had cool fancy layouts like what everyone seems to be using on sites like Tumblr? Well, Google has got some good news for you. The company has just unveiled new Dynamic Views for its Blogger service which lets users change the way their blog looks with the click of a button. No need for recoding or modifying the […]

Official Blogger app for iOS released
After being deprived from having an official Blogger app for so long, it looks like the app has finally made its way over to the iOS platform. Google announced on its blog today that the official Blogger app is now available for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Users can now keep their Blogger blogs updated no matter where they are – be it at home in front of their […]

Blogger is back
After over 20 hours of downtime, Blogger, Google’s popular blogging service is now back up. Earlier today (yesterday for some of you folks), Blogger was taken offline due to reports of bloggers and readers not being able to access blogs or publish posts. Google traced the source of the problem back to their scheduled maintenance that they had on Wednesday night – something went wrong and data got corrupted, which […]

Official blogger app released for Android
It’s taken awhile, but it’s finally here. Google has just released the official Blogger app for the Android operating system. Using the app you can now post up entries on one of the world’s most popular blogging services. Here are some of the main features of the Blogger app: support for multiple accounts and blogs, an offline mode so you can write posts on your phone first, and publish them […]

A Bunch Of Dell Streak Devices Spotted In Seattle Being Tested For AT&T
Still dreaming of getting hold of the Dell Streak when it’s released? Looks like it shouldn’t be too long more now, as a blogger has spotted a few Dell Streak devices being tested by AT&T technicians over in Seattle. They were apparently verifying the performance of the devices on the company’s 3G network, and we hope that the devices are doing a good job of convincing AT&T that it’s ready […]