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New Verizon Samsung Galaxy S4 Revealed In Bluetooth SIG Filing
There seems to be a new Samsung Galaxy S4 headed for Verizon according to a Bluetooth SIG document.

Samsung DROID Prime spotted at Bluetooth SIG page
As most of you should be familiar by now, Verizon has opted not to carry the Samsung Galaxy S II unlike the three other major carriers. Instead it appears that they will be bringing in what is known as the Samsung DROID Prime, a device that was meant to be compete against the iPhone 5, Apple’s next-generation handset that has a rumored October release.

Is the INQ Cloud Touch the mythical Facebook Phone?
It’s been a while since we heard of the rumors of a Facebook Phone. Now the rumor has surfaced again after folks discovered a Bluetooth SIG entry for a device dubbed the INQ Cloud Touch. Previous rumors hinted that the Facebook Phone would be manufactured by INQ, so this does seem to continue the trend/rumor. The report describes the phone as being designed around the way people naturally communicate and […]

LG T325 confirmed by Bluetooth SIG
The Bluetooth SIG might not be as famous as the FCC, but they are also a rich source of upcoming handsets, with the LG T325 being the latest model to be confirmed. After all, the group itself is responsible for setting Bluetooth standards. Targeting an August release in Europe, the LG T325 will keep up with the times by being a touchscreen phone, supporting Bluetooth connectivity (obviously) as well as […]


Motorola Goldfinch And Bei Hai Visit The Bluetooth SIG
Remember the recent report that Motorola would be launching a good 20 Android-powered phones this year? Two new phones have cropped up at the Bluetooth SIG, helping Motorola achieve that 20-device mark. The first device is the Motorola Goldfinch 8208 that sports a 3.2-inch display, Bluetooth 2.1, FM radio, 3-megapixel camera and ISDB-T receiver (the digital TV standard used in Latin America and Japan). The other device is the Motorola […]

Samsung SGH-I897 with Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity
Bluetooth SIG has come up with yet another Samsung handset that will support the Bluetooth 3.0 protocol, and this time it would be the Samsung SGH-I897. The description on its website does make us wonder whether this is another more formal name of the Galaxy S, but all of it remains speculation as at press time. For all you knowm, this could be the same phone modified for a different […]