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"Lite" Ubuntu runs on the NOOK Tablet
If for some reason you’re unsatisfied with the Android experience on your NOOK Tablet – fret not, the folks over at XDA-developers are working on solution. AdamOutler and Loglud are trying to bring the popular Linux distro, Ubuntu, to the Android tablet. At the moment it’s only possible via a VNC (Virtual Network Computing Server), hence the “lite” name in the title, which ruins the whole experience due to lag. […]

NOOK Tablet gets the teardown treatment
Like every other electronic device that gets sold in stores, the folks over at iFixit will have their way with it, and it looks like the Barnes & Noble NOOK Tablet is the latest one to be put under the knife. There’s nothing too exciting to report here – with the tablet being made out of parts that are expected to be there. Though it looks a lot like the […]

Barnes & Noble announces first four NOOK First authors
The E-book business has been pretty competitive of late, and while Amazon has got dibs on some DC Comics, it looks like Barnes & Noble has got its own exclusives as well. The company announced its NOOK First program: books that will be available exclusively to NOOK readers for a limited period before they are made available elsewhere. This means that folks who want to read some books earlier will […]

Barnes & Noble NOOK Tablet officially announced
After being leaked in a bunch of slides last week, the new Barnes & Noble NOOK Tablet has finally been given its official unveiling. It looks like the most of the details were on the dot, as the official specs match up with what we learnt last week. The NOOK Tablet will feature: a 7″ VividView display, a 1GHz dual-core processor, 1GB of RAM, 16GB of storage, a microSD card […]


Barnes & Noble pulls 100 DC comics off its shelves
Last week, Amazon struck a deal with DC Comics to have 100 graphic novels released exclusively on the Amazon Kindle Fire tablet. As you would’ve guessed, not everybody was too pleased with the idea, chiefly one of Amazon’s biggest rivals: Barnes & Noble. Especially since DC Comics has been reluctant to release any of their graphic novels on B&N’s own tablet in the past.

Barnes & Noble College bookstores will now carry NOOK tablets
Barnes & Noble College bookstores have been around for some time now, with a whole selection of used and new textbooks that students can purchase or rent to save some money instead of spending it on brand new books. Today, Barnes & Noble has released an announcement informing college kids strapped for cash about how much they can save when shopping from them. In addition to getting their hands on […]

Barnes & Noble to offer over 175 periodicals to NOOK for iPad customers
Barnes & Noble has just announced a treat for its NOOK for iPad users in the coming days. The world’s largest bookseller has stated that iPad NOOK customers will be able to access one of the largest selections of digital periodicals including more than 175 full-color, interactive magazines and leading newspapers. NOOK Kids for iPad app users will be able to access over 550 interactive children’s picture books through the […]

Barnes & Noble wants to help kick start your NOOK book collection
Interested in upgrading your eReader to a NOOK? Well, Barnes & Noble are giving you a good reason to do now. Starting this Friday (tomorrow), Barnes & Noble will be having a promotion where you can bring in any eReader into a Barnes & Noble bookstore to redeem 30 NOOK books worth $315 – provided you purchase a new NOOK reader as well.The promotion is available with the purchase of […]

NOOK The Simple Touch Reader rooted to run Angry Birds
A couple of weeks ago, Banes & Noble launched the NOOK The Simple Touch Reader that features a grayscale E-ink touchscreen. Well some folks have managed to root the device to make it run apps that it shouldn’t be running in the first place. But hey, this is Android after all, so it doesn’t come as a big surprise.Judging from the demonstration video, playing games or running the OS on […]

Barnes & Noble NOOK The Simple Touch Reader now shipping
For those of you who’ve been clamoring to get your hands on Barnes & Noble’s new NOOK eReader, you’re in luck. The company has just announced that it has started shipping the new NOOK yesterday, getting the pre-ordered devices to customers well ahead of schedule.

The All New Nook
Competition in the ebook reader space just gets hotter and hotter. As expected, Barnes and Noble announced this morning an inexpensive monochrome touchscreen ebook reader tablet, the All-New Nook, “The Simple Touch Reader.” Priced at $139, the Nook Touch matches the lowest-priced ad-free Amazon Kindle 3 and features a similar 6-inch touchscreen, but is 10 percent squatter and features a two-month battery, more than twice as long than the Kindle […]

Barnes & Noble sends out invitation for a special event next week
Remember our report about the new eReader Barnes & Noble will be releasing this month? Well, it looks like the announcement is imminent. The media has started receiving invitations to a Barnes & Noble invitation-only event that is happening on May 24th in New York. While the invitation says nothing about a tablet been announced, the May 24th date corroborates with the previous report about B&N launching a new eReader on […]

Microsoft sues Barnes & Noble for patent infringement
Microsoft has just been reported to be going after Barnes & Noble for using Android on their Nook tablet. Android, which has been alleged to infringe upon certain Microsoft-owned patents is the operating system used in the tablet and it looks like Microsoft is keen on taking action against manufacturers that make use of it. Microsoft previously did the same thing against Motorola and HTC and now it looks like […]

Barnes & Noble NOOKnewsstand owes its success to the NOOKcolor
Need any more proof that the NOOKnewsstand by Barnes & Noble is a money maker? Barnes & Noble has just announced that the digital bookstore has exceeded 650,000 total subscriptions and single copy sales since they introduced the NOOKcolor (a full-color reading tablet) 2 months ago. That’s more sales than they were able to achieve during the past 12 months before the tablet was released. Talk about success – especially […]

Nook: ‘Biggest bestseller ever’ for B&N
Barnes & Noble has announced that the Nook has officially become their “Biggest Bestseller” – ever (B&N is a 40-year old company). B&N has announced that the Nook Color has been selling very well and is the number one selling gift of the holiday season. And of course, the sales of NOOKbooks have been tracking the hardware sales: one million have been sold on Christmas day alone – that’s what […]

Barnes & Noble manufactures 18,000 Nook Colors each day
For those who are wondering how well the Nook Color from Barnes & Noble will perform in sales charts this upcoming holiday season, you might be surprised to find out that the company is forcing their elves to work overtime, churning out around 18,000 Nook Colors each day. Basically, that translates to loading up a Boeing 747 every four to five days in order to bring devices to the US […]

Nook Color Preview
Barnes & Noble NOOKcolor, the first full color ebook reader, presents a series of dilemmas for interested buyers. B&N referred to it as a tablet, but NOOKcolor is really more like half a tablet. It literally is a read-only device. It displays text, PDF and Microsoft Office files, plays any MPEG-4 video (no Flash), plays MP3 and AAC music, plays animations. It surfs the Web using the Android browser (which […]

Nook Color just announced
In a fanciful introductory event filled with swirling dancers, Barnes & Noble introduced the Nook Color, a full color ebook reader with a 7-inch color LCD and runs a version of the Android smartphone OS. It goes on sale on Nov. 19, but pre-orders are now being accepted. The question is, can or will this ebook reader somehow morph into a tablet PC? B&N is calling it both a tablet […]

Pandigital ships second Pandigital Novel eReader device, has integrated Barnes & Noble eBookstore
Pandigital has just rolled out its second Pandigital Novel eReader device that will come with built-in Barnes & Noble eBookstore access, letting you get started right out of the box. This new reader will also come with a 7-inch full color touchscreen LCD display, where it will be known by the model number PRD07T20WBL1. The Novel eReader will be equipped with a high-gloss black bezel (fingerprint magnet warning here), tipping […]

Barnes & Noble Introduces Its NOOKstudy Reading Platform
Barnes & Noble has announced its NOOKstudy online reading and study platform for students. The program allows students to manage eBooks and notes all in one place. Since users will be able to access their textbooks, lecture notes, syllabi, slides and images etc all from one place, it should make going to college more relaxing and enjoyable as students won’t have to carry those heavy textbooks around. Other useful features […]