Barnes & Noble College bookstoresBarnes & Noble College bookstores have been around for some time now, with a whole selection of used and new textbooks that students can purchase or rent to save some money instead of spending it on brand new books. Today, Barnes & Noble has released an announcement informing college kids strapped for cash about how much they can save when shopping from them. In addition to getting their hands on physical textbooks, Barnes & Noble have now made it easier for students to get eTextbooks as well: by selling the NOOK tablet at Barnes & Noble College bookstores.

In case you weren’t familiar with the B&N College bookstores, students can save up to 50% when renting textbooks instead of purchasing them. If students choose to purchase a used textbook instead, they can save 25-75%, depending on whether they sell the books back to B&N College bookstores at the end of term. Lastly, their eTextbooks are said to save students up to 60%, though they will need a portable computer or tablet if they want to make use of the textbooks in class. For students who aren’t sure if they’re ready to make the leap to digital, NOOK Study lets students try out a digital book for one whole week before they decide if they want to buy it or not. Find out more about B & N College bookstores.

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