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Bang & Olufsen Wants To Turn Your Normal Speakers Into Smart Ones
These days smart speakers are on the rise, but given that the tech is still somewhat new, your options are limited. In fact for some, such as audiophiles, this might present a problem because a lot of audiophile-grade speakers and audio equipment generally don’t focus too much on such technology.

Bang & Olufsen Unveil The BeoSound Shape Modular Speakers
When it comes to modular speakers, the closest thing we can get to such a setup at the moment probably comes in the form of Bluetooth speakers that can be daisy chained together. However the folks at Bang & Olufsen have come up with their own take on modular speakers in the form of the BeoSound Shape.

Bang & Olufsen Unveils New Beolit 17 Bluetooth Speaker
If you’re shopping for a new Bluetooth speaker that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing, Bang & Olufsen appears to have a new portable speaker that some of you guys might be interested in in the form of the Beolit 17, which from what we can tell feels a lot like the successor to the 2015 Beolit 15.

Beoplay M5 Speakers Announced With Google Chromecast Built-In
[CES 2017] Bang & Olufsen make some very pretty speakers that are part of its Beoplay lineup, and at CES 2017 this year, the company has taken the wraps off their latest offering in the form of the Beoplay M5. If you’re thinking that this is just another set of speakers from the company, think again as B&O have added a little something extra.


B&O Confirms Its Speakers Will Get Google Cast Multiroom Support
For many of us, we have our speakers setup along with our computers, and maybe another set of speakers in the living room with our TVs. Switching back and forth between these speakers can be troublesome especially if they’re wired, meaning that your TV and computer are pretty much the hubs that you control them with.

Bang & Olufsen Unveils The Wireless Beoplay H5 Earphones
The last set of headphones that we saw from Bang & Olufsen were the Beoplay H7s, a set of over-ear wireless headphones that offered up passive noise isolation features. Essentially it felt like a bigger pair of Beoplay H8s just without noise cancellation technology. Now if you aren’t a fan of headphones, don’t worry as Bang & Olufsen have you covered.

B&O Play Speakers To Include Google Cast
It looks like Bang & Olufsen, one of the names when it comes to high end audio products and services, have decided to issue an update to the BeoPlay A6 as well as the BeoPlay A9, by making sure that Google Cast will be hitting those. In addition, Bang & Olufsen has also made sure that Google Cast will eventually make its way to the rest of its upcoming speakers, […]

Bang & Olufsen To Partner With LG On TVs
Bang & Olufsen is a company that many associate with high-end audio and visual products. While many of us probably can’t afford the company’s products, they have entered into partnerships with other companies in the past to lend their technology and branding for products. In fact the most recent partnership we’ve seen is with LG and the LG G5.

LG G5’s DAC Will Work With USB Type-C Devices
Apart from sporting a brand new design, one of the key features of the LG G5 would be its module accessories. This allows users to swap out components so that they can opt to get a camera grip, larger battery, or a DAC from Bang & Olufsen. Speaking of DACs, we’re sure that some of you guys might be a tad jealous about the accessory which seems like it could […]

B&O Play Works With HEADS Innovation
Both B&O PLAY by Bang & Olufsen alongside HEADS Innovation have announced this particularly special audio product partnership, and in order to celebrate this collaboration, DJ Khaled has inspired a special DJ edition of B&O PLAY headphones. This special hardware design is the first as mentioned, and it certainly will not be the last. Hopefully, it will continue a tradition of customized product collections that will see the efforts of […]

B&O Unveils Celebrity Endorsed BeoPlay H6 Headphones
Bang & Olufsen (B&O) is a brand of speakers, home theater system setups, and headphones. Their technology has also found its way into computers and even smartphones. Now for the most part, B&O pretty much sells itself as they are like the Ferrari and Lamborghini of the audio world and are associated with style, design, class, and a very high price tag.However it looks like a little bit of celebrity […]

Bang and Olufsen Reinvents the Wheel with Beosound Essence Sound System
When it comes to consumer electronics design, Bang and Olufsen is one of my favorite companies. The Danish manufacturer has been using the wheel as a key component of its devices’ user interface for decades and the iPod was probably inpired by the wheel of the BM 6000 launched in 1974.Today, Bang and Olufsen launched Beosound Essence, a wheel-shaped music sound system. In the complete article, watch the presentation delivered today at […]

B&O Form 2i Headphones Announced
[CES 2014] When it comes to stylish audio products, Bang & Olufsen (B&O) comes to mind. To date the company has managed to produce some pretty stylish look audio products, with some of them looking practically alien in design. Now for those who are looking to get in on B&O’s products but want it in a more compact design, such as a pair of headphones, the company has recently announced […]

Bang & Olufsen built-in sound system - BeoLab 15, BeoLab 16
[CES 2013] When it comes to consumer electronics craftsmanship, Bang & Olufsen is synonymous with haute couture, in the sense that the Danish company  makes a point to design devices that look like pieces of art. That is why the first time I looked at the Beolab 15 / Beolab 16 built-in sound system in the product picture provided by the manufacturer, I had to ask confirmation of which objects […]

Bang & Olufsen BeoLab 12 Digital Speakers Collection
[CES 2013] Last year, Bang & Olufsen unveiled Beovision 12, a 65-inch Plasma TV set that featured two elegant mural speakers, the Beolab 12. At CES 2013, the danish brand is launching its complete BeoLab 12 line of digital speakers which uses the same design language.The lineup is comprised of the BeoLab 12-1, BeoLab 12-2, and BeoLab 12-3 speakers, which can be combined to in a surround sound set up […]

BeoPlay A9 active speaker system announced
B&O PLAY has just announced their newest active speaker system to hit the audiophile market, and we are referring to the BeoPlay A9 here which will integrate an all-star line-up of dedicated components while carrying the signature provocative design that is often associated with Bang & Olufsen’s name. The BeoPlay A9 was specially concocted to deliver a complete sound solution which is easy to listen to, without being an eyesore […]

B&O PLAY launches BeoPlay A3, iPad Sound System – Hands On
Bang & Olufsen unveiled their new brand B&O PLAY at CES 2012 alongside the launch of its first product Beolit 12. On Thursday, at an event in San Francisco the Danish manufacturer demonstrated three new products under the B&O PLAY umbrella including the BeoPlay A3, a very innovative and high quality sound system designed for the iPad.We all know that thinner bodies for mobile devices imply loss of audio quality […]

Bang & Olufsen BeoSound 5 digital music system demo
[CES 2012] Bang & Olufsen’s BeoSound 5 digital music system will be able to deliver two-way functionality with its new remote control known as the Beo6, letting customers navigate one’s entire music collection straight from the display of the Beo6 remote control. We have a video of the BeoSound 5 system in action alongside the Beo6 remote control that you can view right after the jump, but before that, here […]

Bang & Olufsen Beolit 12 portable audio system
[CES 2012] We spent some time with Tue Mantoni, President & CEO of Bang & Olufsen (B&O) as he shared about their latest portable audio system, the B&O Beolit 12 which falls under the new brand that is called B&O Play. B&O Play will appeal to the pockets of those who are feeling the pinch and yet want premium audio, while B&O will remain in the high-end market.  After all, with […]

Bang & Olufsen 2011 holiday collection announced
A surefire way of kicking the economy in the butt would be to spend money – lots of it, and you certainly can’t go wrong if you decide to bring home a little bit of Bang & Olufsen into your living room. In fact, the company wants to seduce you this holiday season with a bunch of devices and products that is sure to set your pulse racing and wallet […]