bno-djkhaledBang & Olufsen (B&O) is a brand of speakers, home theater system setups, and headphones. Their technology has also found its way into computers and even smartphones. Now for the most part, B&O pretty much sells itself as they are like the Ferrari and Lamborghini of the audio world and are associated with style, design, class, and a very high price tag.

However it looks like a little bit of celebrity endorsement never hurt anyone because it has been recently revealed that the company will be sponsoring DJ Khaled with their BeoPlay H6 headphones. This was confirmed by the rapper/producer on his Instagram page where he wrote, “Alongside the prestigious Bang Olufsen brand, We The Best Sound and Heads Audio will provide the listener with the highest quality sound in electronic audio entertainment and will continue to carry on the tradition in excellence set by Bang Olufsen.”

Now there are many in the audiophile world who think that B&O’s products are a lot more expensive than they are worth, kind of along the same veins as Beats and Bose where the branding and product design overshadow the sound quality itself. This isn’t to say that they don’t produce good audio, it’s just that many believe that you could get much better sound quality for a lot less.

We guess all of this boils down to personal listening preference. Some prefer more bass, some prefer more treble, some prefer a more neutral tone, and so on. In any case the regular BeoPlay H6 is priced at $399, so we have to wonder if the DJ Khaled version of the headphones will be priced more. In the meantime what do you guys think?

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