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Check out the USB Solar Charger Tree
We’ve seen solar trees in real life, which provide shade as well as power to the city, in certain places of California, but this is the first time I have seen a miniature personal solar tree. The personal USB Solar Charger Treel, made by Brando, will charge up your smartphone thanks to its nine solar panels attached to the branches.Installation is quite easy, all you have to do is connect […]

Brando Professional Beer Foam Making Mug
There is just this thing about beer – if your favorite sports team wins, you celebrate by drinking, and if they lose, it is also a convenient excuse to drown your sorrows in them. Well, there is a wide variety of beer around the globe, but as most people would attest, pouring out the perfect head is one of the smaller things in life that makes chilling out at the […]

USB AK-47 Assault Rifle flash drive
Something tells me that nobody over at Brando really did their research when they named the USB flash drive here as the USB AK-47 Assault Rifle flash drive. It sure as heck does not look like the AK-47, being a whole lot shorter, not to mention missing out on the signature wooden color that we have all come to know and love in Counter-Strike. Having said that, for those who […]

Brando introduces wireless keyboard and mouse made from bamboo
With so much focus and emphasis being placed in renewable energy, going green and eco-friendliness, we don’t see why those sentiments can’t be brought over to some of our most used gadgets – the keyboard and mouse, which is what Brando is offering at their store for $82.


Brando's Bluetooth handset TK2 could double up as a phone
If you prefer the concept of a Bluetooth handset over a Bluetooth earpiece, Brando may have the solution for you with the Bluetooth Handset TK2, as pictured to the right above next to the iPhone. It basically acts and holds like a phone, which we’re guessing is a bit silly if you were to pair it with a phone.

The Extreme 60X-100X Magnifying Microscope for your iPhone
While the iPhone has one of the better digital cameras in smartphones as well as feature phones in the market, that does not mean there is no room for improvement. We have not covered much news from gadget mavens Brando for the longest time simply because most of their stuff are not exactly going to rock the tech world, but once in a while, a mini-gem crops up – case […]

Skull MP3 Player II makes for good Halloween decorations
If you’re planning on holding a Halloween party in your house, why not keep to theme of things and pump scary music through the Skull MP3 Player II by Brando? For those who follow Brando’s products, the Skull MP3 Player II is the successor to the Skull MP3 Player, which featured a more futuristic look with its light-up eyes and everything.

Giant USB mouse by Brando
For fans of all things novel, Brando has something for you in the form of a giant USB mouse, and by giant, well, the photo above should speak volumes for the size of the mouse! It measures 175mm long, 105mm wide and 55mm tall, and if you’re trying to put that into context, it’s almost double the width of the iPhone 4 and about 60mm longer than the iPhone 4.

High-heel inspired USB stick is cute
Ladies, if your current USB stick is too plain and boring, or too masculine for your liking, perhaps these high-heel inspired USB stick drives could be just what you need.

USB Portable Mini Scanner
If your means of working comes primarily in the form of a notebook, then you might want to carry a scanner along with you. “What? Are you nuts?!” you ask. Not really – assuming the scanner is extremely small in size and portable in nature. This is where the USB Portable Mini Scanner comes in handy, where it can work just about anywhere as long as you have a free […]

USB Optical Mouse with Pocket Digital Scale
Seriously Brando? You guys never seem to amaze me – and your latest gizmo is actually an optical mouse that has a built-in pocket digital scale, now how about that? Guess it isn’t such a crazy idea now to have a netbook or notebook placed permanently in the kitchen just in case you need to weigh some stuff, right? Either that or drug lords can always make sure their stash […]

USB Encryption Card Reader
So you have got plenty of sensitive data stashed away on your bunch of memory cards – what do you do? There should be a way to transport data from there to a machine in a safe manner, and you can do so with the USB Encryption Card Reader from gadget mavens Brando. What the USB Encryption Card Reader does is enable you to separate your portable storage into Public […]

Brando's Keymouse II Combines Keyboard And Mouse Into One Wireless DeviceW
Do you own a wireless keyboard? Maybe. Do you own a wireless mouse? Possibly. Do you own a wireless keyboard that’s also built into a wireless mouse? We think not. Introducing Brando’s wireless Keymouse II which based on its looks could pass off as a very complicated looking remote control, but in reality it’s actually a wireless mouse that can be doubled up as a wireless keyboard and vice versa.

Brando's iPad 2 Telescope
If the zoom on your iPad 2’s camera wasn’t enough then how about adding Brando’s iPad 2 Telescope to your iPad? It’s not exactly the most conspicuous looking addon but then again neither are most zoom lenses. For $26 what you are getting is a casing that attaches to the back of your iPad 2 which also features a slot where you would attach the telescopic lens which is positioned […]

USB Itching Removal Instrument Is Just Weird
Some folks seem to think that there is a solution to everything via a USB device, and the folks who came up with the USB Itching Removal Instrument were probably of the same mindset. This device is touted to use electronic and optical spectrum technology, claiming to not have any chemicals to restrain or kill bacteria and viruses, and doesn’t cause any toxic reaction to the human body. Funnily enough, it […]

USB Port Cleaner Claims To Clean The Contacts Of Your USB Ports
Does the USB port on your computer often have trouble detecting the various USB devices you connect to it? While it might be a sign of some hardware issues, the folks over at Brando seem to think that it could possibly be a bad contact issue with the copper material. With that in mind, they’re offering a USB Port Cleaner that supposedly is used to clean up the copper material […]

iMONO 13-Port USB Hub Bar turns on and off at your fancy
Beign a geek, you know that you can never have enough USB ports lying around, similar to how a lady feels when she starts to build up an impressive collection of handbags and shoes. Well, Brando knows exactly how you feel, hence rolling out the iMONO 13-Port USB Hub Bar which comes with On and Off switches for individual ports, letting you juice up a particular device only when you […]

Multi-Purpose Solar Charger Backpack
Summer’s approaching for those of us living in the northern hemisphere, and it is a time where you will probably spend some time outdoors only to realize that the scourge of mosquitos has not been dealt with just yet. The Multi-Purpose Solar Charger Backpack might just be your cup of tea then – it comes with solar panels on the outside to juice up connected devices on the inside, while […]

USB Webmail Notifier and 4-Port Hub Cable
Most of us use devices that offer push email support, and we get notified via a silent buzz or some other alert tone of your choice. If you have yet to fall under that category of being constantly connected to your inbox through your smartphone, then perhaps the USB Webmail Notifier and 4-Port Hub Cable might make your cubicle life a little bit more up-to-date. With this peripheral, it will […]

USB Wrist Band Battery
Talk about feeling way too attached to your devices – the USB Wrist Band Battery from Brando is such proof. Most people would wear something on their wrist as some sort of fashion accessory, but what does Brando do instead? You wear a battery around your wrist, complete with LED charge indicators to up your tacky geek level by another notch. You get a plethora of standard recharging tips including […]