iMONO 13-Port USB Hub Bar turns on and off at your fancy

Beign a geek, you know that you can never have enough USB ports lying around, similar to how a lady feels when she starts to build up an impressive collection of handbags and shoes. Well, Brando knows exactly how you feel, hence rolling out the iMONO 13-Port USB Hub Bar which comes with On and Off switches for individual ports, letting you juice up a particular device only when you want to. It retails for $29 a pop, where we love the fact that you can choose which connected device to power up (or not). Design looks rather tacky though, but it is nice to see the row of blue LEDs light up at the bottom in uniform with every single port occupied. Also, there seems to be enough space between ports to cater for some devices that have extremely fat ends to the connectors – just look at Nemo being stuffed in on the far left corner.

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