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Microsoft Adjusting To New Reality: Free Windows And More
During its Build 2014 conference, Microsoft has laid out a number of moves that will position it to better compete with Google and Apple, but also setup the company for a different computing future. Although desktops and laptops are here to stay, Microsoft is still trying hard to catch up on search, consumer web services, and mobile devices of course. There are some real success with web infrastructure – mostly […]

Microsoft Windows Comes To The Car Now
Yes, Windows of the virtual kind instead of the ones that you wind up and down in your vehicle. From the desktop, the operating system war has moved on to portable devices such as smartphones and tablets, and into the living room with Apple TV, plans of Android TV, as well as other set-top boxes, now we have another dimension to think about – the vehicle. Most of the time, […]

Hands-On : Nokia 630 And 635 Review
The mid-range phones Nokia 630 and 635 running on Windows Phone 8.1 have been announced during the Build 2014 Keynote yesterday morning, but it is only later at a Nokia event in San Francisco that we have been able to get our hands on them and check them out for ourselves. First, here’s a short video that shows you what they look like in the real world:

Windows Start Menu Really Coming Back
As the world switched to Windows 8, one of the most annoying fact or “pain point” as Microsoft would say, was the departure of the Start Menu, which a whole lot of people used as a hub to search for files and get to find apps that use less frequently. The Start Menu button was just “gone”, and boy, user were unhappy to have to hack their way to a […]


Windows For Internet Of Things, Devices With Displays Under 9" Free
At its BUILD 2014 conference today Microsoft announced a new move which it hopes will aid in increasing the Windows market share. The company has said that it is going to offer Windows for free on devices with screens under 9-inches, that includes phones and tablets. This comes on the heels of a recent decision to cut Windows 8.1 licensing fee by as much as 70 percent for certain OEMs, […]

Nokia Lumia 630 And 635 Launched
We first heard about this two mid-range smartphones back in February. Initially only the supposed internal codenames appeared online. Since then there has been a constant stream of rumors about the Lumia 630 and Lumia 635. At Microsoft BUILD 2014 today Nokia has finally announced these two smartphones. Nokia also unveiled the Lumia 930, which was also first rumored alongside these two mid-range Windows Phone devices.

Windows Phone 8.1 Detailed At Microsoft BUILD SF
Joe Belfiore went on stage to tell Microsoft Developers what’s new with Windows Phone 8.1, and he started by announcing that two new hardware partners were coming on board (Micromax and Prestigio) and shows their phones on-stage. As Microsoft hinted at MWC, a new wave of Windows Phone is coming because they will now be able to use the exact same Qualcomm hardware platform as their Android counterparts. Joe Belfiore […]

Nokia Lumia 930 Unveiled
There have been conflicting reports over the past few days about this smartphone. Initially it was believed to be launched at Microsoft’s BUILD 2014 conference. Then rumors started circulating that it may not be launched at the conference. Earlier today press images of the Lumia 930 were leaked yet again, raising speculation about a launch later in the day. Rumors have finally been put to bed as Nokia just announced […]

Does Microsoft Want To Power Your Coffee Mug As Well?
We will be there at BUILD 2014, and are more than interested to see just what Microsoft has in store for the masses. Of course, there will always be speculation of a new Lumia smartphone, but until the day arrives and something official is announced, do expect a fair number of rumors to continue to float around. Having said that, Microsoft’s newly launched website that is known as “” touts […]