We will be there at BUILD 2014, and are more than interested to see just what Microsoft has in store for the masses. Of course, there will always be speculation of a new Lumia smartphone, but until the day arrives and something official is announced, do expect a fair number of rumors to continue to float around. Having said that, Microsoft’s newly launched website that is known as “” touts that the software giant intends to lay the foundation in developing the next generation of connected devices, where among them might include a smart coffee mug, a teddy bear, basically anything else that as of right now, has nothing to do with the Internet whatsoever.


A smart coffee mug, eh? That would definitely be interesting to check out – and imagine just what it can do. Tweet to the world that you have just refilled your mug for the 5th time at the office before lunch? How about letting you figure out the current temperature of the coffee from the pantry’s kettle? The possibilities are virtually limitless, so let your imagination run wild.

Apart from that, it seems that Microsoft intends to roll out an SDK this spring which has the focus of helping developers build small and smart devices. These devices might be small, but it is not a hard and fast rule since Microsoft also has plans to parade a piano that relies on such new technology at BUILD.

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