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Microsoft HoloLens Review: My Experience
Since it was first revealed to a friendly group of reporters in January, HoloLens has enjoyed a great wave of positive comments, but depending on one’s own experience with Augmented Reality (AR), each person will have a different take on it.I always had a huge interest for things related to 3D real-time graphics. A long time ago, I started coding 3D as a hobby in the demoscene, before making it […]

HoloLens Demo Impresses [Microsoft Build 2015]
HoloLens has been making quite a bit of noise ever since it was first shown back in January. It is supposed to bring “hologram technology” to the masses as a stand-alone device, which can also work with a PC or Xbox one day.What’s new today is that we had new demos of the technology, and for its Build conference, Microsoft rigged a camera that can simulate what a HoloLens user […]

Microsoft Edge Web Browser (aka Project Spartan)
Microsoft Edge: this is the name for the next-generation Microsoft Browser which will replace the infamous Internet Explorer. Unveiled previously as Project Spartan, the new web browser is designed to address the many criticisms its predecessor suffered from: cluttered, slow, insecure, outdated.

Visual Studio Code: Free Editor For Win+Mac+Linux
Microsoft has announced Visual Studio Code, a free code editor with integrated debugger and source version control which runs natively on Windows, Mac and Linux (download Code here).It is different from Visual Studio in the sense that it is much lighter and is designed for code-editing and debugging only. Visual Studio will remain a larger integrated development environment (IDE) with things like form editors or database integration, just to cite […]


Microsoft Adjusting To New Reality: Free Windows And More
During its Build 2014 conference, Microsoft has laid out a number of moves that will position it to better compete with Google and Apple, but also setup the company for a different computing future. Although desktops and laptops are here to stay, Microsoft is still trying hard to catch up on search, consumer web services, and mobile devices of course. There are some real success with web infrastructure – mostly […]

Microsoft Windows Comes To The Car Now
Yes, Windows of the virtual kind instead of the ones that you wind up and down in your vehicle. From the desktop, the operating system war has moved on to portable devices such as smartphones and tablets, and into the living room with Apple TV, plans of Android TV, as well as other set-top boxes, now we have another dimension to think about – the vehicle. Most of the time, […]